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Ready to hire your next dynamite employee? One who’s skilled, qualified, and a strong addition to your team? Choose one of our flat-rate packages below!

Hiring Foundation Package

“Do It Yourself”

Save your aesthetic practice the frustration and time outlay of developing a hiring process! With this option, you’ll do the hiring yourself, BUT with our Hiring Accelerator Series or plug-and-play resources that will make your next (or first) hire a seamless and successful endeavor.

Benefits of our Hiring Foundations package and Hiring Accelerator Series

  • Up to 4 job descriptions
  • Onboarding checklist for each of those positions
  • Template for offer letters and corresponding paperwork
  • Hiring checklist on key roles each team member should perform

The Expert-Guided Hiring Package

“Do It With You”

As a medical professional, hiring and human resources are likely not among your core skills and unique abilities. Among our most popular offerings, The Expert-Guided Hire Package allows our team to guide you through the hiring process, simplifying your candidate selection process.

Benefits of The Expert-Guided Hire Package

  • Video interview screenings for the bona fide candidates you have brought to us, eliminating those who do not meet our high standards
  • Notes from interviews, as well as our suggestions for your next steps
  • A phone meeting with your practice to determine your preferred candidate(s)
  • Sending the formal offer letter, job description, and benefits package to candidates
  • Submit executed agreements and select H.R. forms to your practice

The Shorr Concierge Hiring Package

“Do It for You”

Hiring, when done incorrectly, is the most costly mistake a practice can make. Conversely, when conducted with diligence and intent – it is the most rewarding and beneficial endeavor your aesthetic practice can take on. Our top-tier Shorr Concierge Staffing process empowers you to focus on your love of serving patients while our team works to make your next hire seamless.

Benefits of Shorr Concierge Staffing

  • Creation and posting of the job description on the preferred job search platform
  • Review of submissions using strategic criteria to sort through each application
  • Initial phone and video interview screenings for each bona fide candidate, eliminating those who do not meet our high standards. Your practice will receive in-depth notes from the interview, as well as our suggestions for next steps
  • Scheduling of onsite interviews for the practice to review final candidates
  • A phone meeting with your practice to determine your favorite candidate(s)
  • Sending the formal offer letter, job description, and benefits package to candidate(s)
  • Submit executed agreements and select H.R. forms to your practice

Positions We Help You Hire

  • Front Desk Staff and Receptionist
  • Marketing Assistant, Marketing Coordinator, and Marketing Manager
  • Patient Care Coordinator
  • Practice Administrator
  • Aesthetician
  • Medical Assistant
  • Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner
  • Doctor
  • Surgeon

What will it cost your aesthetic practice if you don’t hire us?


You could be losing patients if you:

  • Don’t have enough staff to answer every phone call
  • Don’t have enough staff or the proper staff to respond to email leads/social media leads/voicemails in a timely fashion
  • Don’t have a patient coordinator to call back patients who are due for their treatments
  • Are experiencing staff drama that’s causing a negative work environment and patient experience

Losing just one patient opportunity far surpasses the cost of hiring Shorr Solutions.

Whether you want to do the hiring yourself, have us do it with you, or have us do it for you, our packages will help you to hire your next rockstar! 

Ready to hire your aesthetic

practice’s next A-Player?


Schedule a FREE 30-minute consult with our award-winning team of experts to see if we’re the right fit for you! (The meeting is completely complimentary with no strings attached).

Real Client Stories

Jay Shorr has a wealth of knowledge with practice building and has tremendous insight in the field of Aesthetics. His fierce determination to get the best deal for his client and protect their well-being is an enormous asset to any organization. I have worked with him on multiple deals/projects and witnessed this first hand. He is hard-working, dedicated, and will not rest until the job is completed to his satisfaction.

Ted Porterfield

Director, Evolus

One thing that I love is that I can run any question by [them] and get a valuable response right away.

Alex Eshaghian, MD, PhD

Cosmetic Surgeon & Medical Director, AE Skin

When work begins with Jay and Mara, one promptly observes the experienced, intelligent input that each offers.  Nonetheless, what really separates them from others is their integrity.  I have known the Shorrs for nearly ten years and “integrity” is what first and last comes to mind.

Michael Goldstein

President, SutureCenter

Jay and Mara of Shorr Solutions are amazing!!! They are helping me build my business from the ground up, which is no easy task. Not only are they available when I have a question, but they also constantly push me to take the next step forward in a supportive way. They also go the extra mile and a half and they really care about their clients. From the very beginning, they have been super supportive and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat.

Mark Kurzman, MD

Family Medicine Physician & Medical Cannabis Specialist

Jay and Mara are a dynamic duo. Their understanding of the inner workings of medical practices is second to none. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with others and are willing to help. You will never question their integrity nor intentions as both are pure. I especially love their ability to break down complex inner-office needs into simple, process-driven systems that help practices thrive.

Chad Erickson

VP of Marketing and Business Development, Advice Media

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