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About Us


Testimonial- Keith Veseleny (Jay Shorr, The Best Medical Business Solutions)
The Business End of Medicine- Jay Shorr
AE Skin Testimonial
#TAS2017​ Hear from #PlasticSurgery​ experts from all over the World​
Working From Home: Meet the Team!
Dr. Jonathan Grant – Client Testimonial
Allyson Avila, Healthcare Attorney – Industry Testimonial
Shorr Solutions Wins the TAG! You’re IT! Aesthetic Award



Getting Through COVID-19: A Word From Our Founding Partner Jay Shorr
A Word From Our Founder: PPP and SBA Loans Update
How to Keep Your Business Operational While Closed
S’more Time Live Stream – With The Aesthetic Immersion, Shorr Solutions and Allyson Avila
PPP Status Update – A Word from Our Founding Partner Jay Shorr – 04/27 20
What Practices Should Consider When Bringing Staff Back to Work – Coffee & Conversation w/ Jay Shorr
How COVID-19 Changed the Talent Pool in the Aesthetic Space – Coffee & Conversation w/ Mara Shorr
Successfully Preparing Your Patients for Your Grand Reopening w/ ByrdAdatto and Mara Shorr
Tips for Your Office Sanitation Post-COVID-19
Sanitation Checklist When Opening Your Practice Post-COVID-19

Office Management


When to Choose A Consultant (Jay Shorr, The Best Medical Business Solutions)
Top 3 Things To Focus On In Your Medical Practice (Jay Shorr, The Best Medical Business Solutions)
Your Receptionist, a.k.a. your Director of First Impressions
How to Successfully Start Your Aesthetic Practice
Your Staff Is A Reflection of You
How to Create Your Niche
The Fundamentals of a Successful Aesthetic Practice
How To Manage Your Practice And Build A Successful Medical Practice
Shorr Solutions: The Podcast Ep. 37 – Bridging the Age Gap Between Millennials and Baby Boomers
Protocols and Processes: What Practices Need Help with the Most

Financials & Cutting Costs


Understanding Your Credit Card Processing Rates
Ensuring Your Practice’s Bottom Line
Effectively Minimizing Costs Within Your Practice
How to Keep Your Aesthetic Practice Profitable
How to Minimize Cost Within Your Aesthetic Practice
How to Use Protocols & Plans to Increase Your Financial Success Post-COVID-19 – Live Recording
Adding Cash Services to a Typically Insurance-Based Practice

Patient Interactions


How To Make Your Practice Appealing to Men
Shorr Solutions The Podcast Ep. 35 – How to Relate to Millennial Patients in Your Aesthetic Practice
How to Communicate with Patients to Close the Sale
Podcast Interview: It’s a Young Thing: Millennial Patients



Enhancing Your Practice’s Retail Opportunities
Your Marketing Dollars at Work
Social Media Tips & Checklist After COVID-19
Shorr Solutions: The Podcast: Ep. 30 – Looking Ahead to 2021
Lead Generation & Your Sales Funnel – Making Your Marketing Efforts Worth Your Dollars



Optimizing Your Practice’s Technology Use
No More Laser Graveyards for You
How to Utilize All of Your Practice’s Technology Software
How to Select Your Next Piece of Equipment


Shorr Solutions: The Podcast: Ep. 29 – How to Prevent Employee Theft With Jay Shorr
How to Maintain Compliance
What’s New? – New Year, New President, New Vaccine, New Policies With ByrdAdatto

Exit Strategy


Preparing for The Unexpected

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