FAQs About Our Medical Practice Consulting Services

How can we work together, and what are your billing structures?2017-04-17T18:30:19+00:00

We’re happy to offer a free, one-hour consultation just so you can make sure we’re a fit. Email us to schedule a time that works for you.  With clients across the United States and Canada, we’re available to you at your convenience, and understand your meeting availability may occur outside of the 9-5 hours.  Whether you’re looking for a site visit to evaluate all of your practice’s needs or a simple contract negotiation, we have a plan that’s right for you.

How will you fit within my company’s structure?2017-04-08T19:33:36+00:00

Shorr Solutions guides your existing team in the right direction when it comes to your operational, administrative and financial health. We don’t take the place of your existing staff, and ultimately strengthen your bottom line. We always sign a non-disclosure with our clients to protect your data, and work well with your other consultants, including your public relations firm, website design firm, SEO company, lawyer and accountant, for example.

Who is your typical client?2017-03-17T17:53:49+00:00

Although our primary industry exists within the aesthetic and cosmetic medical industry, we also have salon and additional beauty clients as well as a select group of non-medical small businesses and non-profits.

Which in-house services do you offer, and which industry partnerships do you bring to the table?2017-04-17T18:33:27+00:00

We focus on the administrative, operational and financial health of your business.  To view a full list of our services click below.

We also offer a variety of affiliate services, including guaranteed low rates on credit card processing, group buyers/purchasing organizations, text message and email reminders, zero percent interest patient financing programs and more.

How can you understand my company’s needs, and how long have you been in business?2017-04-08T19:39:04+00:00

Jay Shorr and Mara Shorr are well-versed in working in the medical industry as well as with other small businesses.  View their full biographies below.

We have been in the dermatology, aesthetic, cosmetic, and plastic surgical industry for many years and sold our surgery center in 2015. We have been consulting with medical and spa practices on a full time basis since 2012.

Do you have references?2017-04-17T18:29:15+00:00

Absolutely! At Shorr Solutions, we’re always happy to provide you with references of medical and non-medical clients. Any consultant you consider should be able to do the same.

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Client Testimonials

“I would best describe it as always having an expert in your corner looking out for your best interest in all dealings small to large. They offer us a sense of ease and confidence to maneuvering the difficult landscape of building a medical business. and their pricing and billing have been extremely transparent and fair. Despite a full list of clients, conferences and invited talks they have always made themselves just an email or phone call away.”

Shoma Datta | MD, DT Gynecology

Shorr Solutions“One thing that I love is that I can run any question by you and get a valuable response right away.”

Alex Eshaghian | MD, PhD, A E Skin

Shorr Solutions

“Jay and Mara Shorr helped me out when I needed it the most. I would not be where I am today without them. I have seen firsthand how they can help you save millions and make millions of dollars in your practice. Working with Shorr Solutions is one of the best decisions I have made in my practice. Thank you Mara and Jay, you will always have my trust!”

Rich Castellano | MD, ImageLift

Shorr Solutions“We loved working with Mara and Jay! They are both very professional and helpful in all aspects of our practice. They quickly became not only part of our team, but part of our Pierini Family.”

Angelica Pierini | CAC, VI, Pierini Esthetic Surgery

Shorr Solutions

“We are able to have the benefit of an MBA-level consultant without having to hire one full time. We have used Jay Shorr for numerous projects, including human resource management and vendor relations. He is an excellent negotiator and has already saved us over five times what we have paid him. Glad he’s on our side.”

Steven Bengelsdorf | MD , The Franklin Center for Skin and Laser Surgery

Shorr Solutions

“I’ve been working with Jay Shorr for years. Jay has been instrumental in rearranging some of the administrative and finance issues in our office. I would recommend Jay to anybody. He has always been present when I needed him.”

Normand Miller | MD , Aesthetic & Vein Center MD

Shorr Solutions

“Thank you for all the hard work….the turn around in the office, in basically every consideration, has been impressive. Thank you both for helping me gather together a good crew. My team has commented to me tat least twice now how much different and better things are in terms of morale, getting projects done, patient flow, and patient volume.”

Jonathan Grant |MD, Cascade Facial Surgery & Aesthetics

Shorr Solutions“Jay Shorr is a wealth of knowledge with practice building and has tremendous insight in the field of Aesthetics. His fierce determination to get the best deal for his client and protect their well-being is an enormous asset to any organization. I have worked with him on multiple deals/projects and witnessed this first hand. He is hard working, dedicated, and will not rest until the job is completed to his satisfaction.”

Ted Porterfield | Director, New Business Initiatives at SkinMedica Inc., An Allergan Company

Shorr Solutions“I have known Jay Shorr for a number of years and consider Jay one of the most ethical and honest individuals I have met in my life. I have observed Jay deliver the most informative and impressive practice management presentations of all the large number I have attended in the past. Jay can be firm but most of all can be trusted. I would like him to manage my practice and especially be my neighbor.”

Jim Click | Founder and Co-Owner, LeShe Aesthetics LLC

“It is rare to find partners who “care” about your project as much as you, but this has truly been the case with Shorr Solutions. I myself see a long and fruitful relationship with this wonderful father – daughter team and believe their work is a true asset to any medical professional. Their pricing and billing have been extremely transparent and fair. Despite a full list of clients, conferences and invited talks they have always made themselves just an email or phone call away.”

Shoma Datta | MD, DT Gynecology