One-On-One Coaching

“The Outlier Master Series”

Beginning with a “Shorr Audit” that’s uniquely designed to give us and your team clarity on your strengths and opportunities for growth, we’ll work closely alongside your team for 12 months to optimize and enhance every facet of your business. This primarily includes helping you increase efficiency, increase revenue and decrease costs for your long-term success.

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Opening a New Aesthetic Practice

Ditch the “To-Do List” overwhelm. We’ll walk you through selecting your perfect location, selecting your capital equipment, negotiating your contracts, adhering to compliance regulations, navigating the world of vendor selection, hiring your rockstar team… and ALL the stumbling blocks along the way.

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Recruiting & Hiring New Staff

Our flat-rate hiring packages are tailored for any aesthetic practice. You can choose two options: have our experts do it WITH you or have us do it FOR you!

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Sales Training for Your Staff

Looking to acquire more patients and boost your revenue? Our Conversion Cascade online course is a step-by-step sales and phone skills training that helps you and your staff attract more patients, convert calls to consults, convert consults to treatments and keep patients coming back for more!

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Exit Strategy: Selling Your Aesthetic Practice

We’re here to help you create an exit plan that ensures you increase your practice’s value before putting it out to market, your practice is attractive to potential buyers, your finances and investments are protected and most importantly, you get the most money for the empire you’ve built.

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Patient Financing at 0%

Help your patients fit their dream procedures into their budgets! We have several affiliate programs that allow you, as our one-time or full-service client, to offer patients an affordable and stress-free way to pay for their elected procedures at 0% interest up to 18 months (credit permitting!)

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