Congratulations on your amazing career!

Over the past few decades you, provider, have accomplished many amazing things. You’ve treated hundreds to thousands of patients and allowed them to breathe new life into the visions they have for themselves. They’ve left your office happier, healthier and with an extra pep in their step because of what you and your team did for them.

But here at Shorr Solutions, our aesthetic medical practice consultants get it: at some point in your career, you’re ready to move on to the next phase of life. 

Signs It’s Time To Sell Your Aesthetic Practice

There comes a time in every provider’s life when they realize it’s soon going to be time to move on to next amazing chapter in their life, and perhaps, stop practicing medicine altogether.

  • You want to spend more time with your family, relocate or travel more
  • You’re looking for a junior partner to take over your practice within the next few years
  • You’re looking to come up with an exit plan for the next 3, 5, 10 years down the road
  • You’re stressed with all of the hassles that come with the daily grind of owning your own practice and are looking into other options
  • The financial cost of providing medical services and maintaining patient records is getting to be too much

How We Coach and Help You

Together, with the help of our aesthetic medical practice consultants we’ll:

  • Create an exit strategy that ensures you protect your investments and finances and comply with state and federal law
  • Prepare your practice for sale (evaluating and helping you improve your marketing ROI, patient lead conversions, current processes, finances, patient medical records, etc.)
  • Make your practice attractive to potential buyers
  • Ensure you get the most money from the empire you’ve built

Ready to get started and create your exit strategy?

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Frequently Asked Questions

An exit strategy is a plan that you put into place (ideally early on) so that you’re well prepared in the event that you want to sell your practice due to circumstances such as the following:

  • Retirement
  • Illness or disability
  • Premature demise (death)
  • Natural disaster (hurricane, earthquake, fire, flood, etc.)
  • Sudden and unexpected catastrophe (e.g. pandemic)
  • You’re ready to relocate, travel, or transition into another career

You can see that it’s important that you have an exit strategy in place essentially right now. There’s no telling when these events will happen. Due to the COVID pandemic, we’ve seen providers wanting to retire earlier than expected or even sell their practices and work for another practitioner.

We coach you in definingplanning, and refining your action steps towards exiting your business. There will be no guesswork and all your bases will be covered.

  • This depends on what point you want to sell your practice at and the different stages of your practice. Your business is worth either a factor of your gross sales and a factor/ratio of earnings/EBITA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, and Amortization).
  • We will go through your P&L statements quarter by quarter and year by year. Ultimately, you will sell your practice based on either: a multiple of your gross or net profits, future potential/earnings, the value of your capital equipment and/or tangible assets, the goodwill of your practice (patient base), and your inventory.

Real Client Stories

“Working with Shorr Solutions has been the best business decision I made. They are a group of professionals characterized by their knowledge and integrity when it comes to the business of healthcare. They are very respectful and protective of their clients, with great negotiation skills. Jay and Mara have put together a team that is instrumental not only in the setting up of a practice but as an ongoing consulting firm, that takes off your shoulders the burdens of negotiating, hiring, firing and providing mentoring, as well as a different perspective on the day to day running of a practice.”

Humberto Palladino, MD

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon & Medical Director, MagicSurgeon, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“Thank you for all the hard work….the turn around in the office, in basically every consideration, has been impressive. Thank you both for helping me gather together a good crew. My team has commented to me at least twice now how much different and better things are in terms of morale, getting projects done, patient flow, and patient volume.”

Jonathan Grant, MD

Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon & Medical Director,
Cascade Facial Surgery & Aesthetics, Mt. Vernon, WA

“We appreciate the assistance you both have provided over the past 2 years.  When we started our relationship, we asked that we be “taught how to fish” as opposed to being given a fish directly.  While we continue to learn and grow, you have certainly accomplished that task… We thank you both for all your assistance and guidance over the past 2 years, and will certainly not hesitate to recommend you both to those in need.”

Jason Hall, MD, FACS & Amanda Hall, PA-C

Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon and Physician Assistant, Trillium Plastic Surgery, Knoxville, TN

“We loved working with Mara and Jay! They are both very professional and helpful in all aspects of our practice. They quickly became not only part of our team, but part of our Pierini Family.”

Angelica Pierini, CAC VI

Administrator & Marketing Director, Pierini Esthetic, Doral, FL

“Jay and Mara are a dynamic duo. Their understanding of the inner workings of medical practices is second to none. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with others and are willing to help. You will never question their integrity nor intentions as both are pure. I especially love their ability to break down complex inner-office needs into simple, process-driven systems that help practices thrive.”

Chad Erickson

VP of Marketing and Business Development, Advice Media

“I think that your company Shorr Solutions is just amazing. I have had many clients, I think that anybody who needs to open up a practice or needs a business plan or needs anything should certainly go to Shorr Solutions, and it’s a pleasure working with both of you.”

Allyson Avila

Healthcare Attorney, Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani, LLP

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