Master Acquiring & Retaining Loyal Patients in Your Aesthetic Practice!

Are you struggling to increase your patient base and retain existing patients? 

Do you feel that you have hit a plateau and can’t seem to get over the “sales generation hump”?  

Do you feel like your staff can improve their phone, sales and lead conversion skills? 

Do you even know what your staff’s conversion ratios are? 

Is your staff delivering a 5-star patient experience that makes patients want to sing your praises?

Sales Training for Aesthetic Practice

We hear these concerns and struggles time and time again when working with many of our clients! With our Conversion Cascade online course, you can take your aesthetic practice to the next level!  

Real Client Stories

“Our team really enjoyed the Conversion Cascade online course. Very informative and touched on topics/areas that others haven’t made available. From the experienced staff to the newer team members, everyone took something! Highly Recommended!”

Kristina Burreson

Patient Care Coordinator,

Rana Facial Plastic Surgery, McKinney, TX

“This course was extremely informative. Mara did a wonderful job educating and engaging. Highly recommend!”

Shannon Synoracki, MHS, PA-C,

Physician Assistant and Medical Director,

Prejuvenation Aesthetics, Ashburn, VA

“I enjoyed the Conversion Cascade. It was packed with information and really gave a great insight on how to track how your practice is doing. From a marketing standpoint, I felt it was more beneficial for people who answer the phones and deal with patients daily, but it also gave me fun content ideas!”

Samantha Durst

Marketing Coordinator,

Michael Kurzman, MD, Staten Island, NY

How Our Course Will Revolutionize Your Practice:

Created by our award-winning team of industry practice management experts, this in depth and step-by-step sales funnel training will unlock the door to generating more revenue and standing out from your competition. Start boosting your revenue, elevating your brand awareness and perception, and delivering a Ritz Carlton patient experience!  By the end of the course, your team will be fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to see the following transformation in your aesthetic practice:

  • Effective marketing that causes prospective patients to become aware of who you are and desire to go to YOU for their treatment/procedure.
  • Exceptional telephone etiquette and sales expertise for front desk staff (Directors of First Impressions) to successfully close consultations.
  • A world-class, premium experience for each and every patient that visits for a consult and or treatment/procedure appointment.
  • Patients scheduling their treatment/procedure due to your staff’s successful booking strategies
  • Patients repeatedly coming back for MORE treatments and procedures, time and after time.
  • Your staff effectively cross-selling OTHER treatments/procedures to enhance revenue and support patients in achieving their desired results.
  • Patients advocating your services and sending referrals your way!

Don’t miss the success that awaits your aesthetic practice!  

Persistently facing challenges in achieving sales goals, profit margins, ineffective marketing strategies and lacking essential sales skills at your front desk is hindering your success. Stop further negative impact to your patient acquisition, patient retention, patient satisfactionand potential loss to competitors. Get the SOLUTION you need today!  

Our Conversion Cascade online course trains you and your staff to be able to attract more patients, convert calls to consults, convert consults to treatments and procedures and keep patients coming back for more! 

Your Team Will be Trained On:

1. Marketing strategies to boost brand visibility and awareness Mastering phone, sales and lead conversions skills 2. Rocking a consult when the patient walks in the (real or virtual) door 3. Enhancing patient retention rates and keeping patients coming back for more treatments and procedures 
4. Selling skincare products and treatment packages 5. Optimizing revenue streams through cross-selling and offering patients complementary services and treatments.Implementing best practices to create an unparalleled and world class patient experience.Plus MORE!

Ready to smash your aesthetic practice’s sales and patient retention goals?

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