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How We Started “Shorr Solutions”

One of the most common questions Jay and I get is this: How did Shorr Solutions get started? Most importantly, Shorr Solutions is a family-owned and operated consulting company. Jay spent decades in corporate America before “retiring” to work for his wife, Dr. Janee D. Steinberg, a board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon in South Florida.  He served as the practice adminstrator and vice president of operations for nearly a decade, bringing the single-office operation to its [...]

How To Successfully Grow Your Team

Business is booming and the pressure is on. By now, you know it’s time to add another provider to your team. Maybe it’s another physician, surgeon, aesthetician, nurse or physicians assistant. But before jumping to hire just anyone, it’s important to understand what needs you need filled. For example, take inventory of your practice. Do you really need another physician or will a mid-level provider do the job? Does it make sense to hire [...]

How To Put Your Technology To Use

In today’s world, technology rules everything. You’re in constant contact with family and friends regardless of locations and time difference. You utilize technology in your personal life on a regular basis. Have you considered how to make your medical practice tech-savvy as well? Why have your receptionist use paid time to call a patient for their appointment reminder when you can program your software to do this automatically? Usage of various programs and software [...]

How To Purchase A Laser

That dear old friend: Mr. Laser. It was the brand new, innovative, top-of-the-line piece of equipment to hit the market when you first bought it. Whether you bought it for laser hair removal or photo facials, IPL treatments or vaginal rejuvenation. Now…. It just sits in the stock room collecting dust.  (We affectionately call that room the "laser graveyard.") Well, what to do now? We share the five pitfalls to avoid when purchasing new [...]

HARO: Easy Press Leads For Your Medical Practice

Often, medical practices ask us how to obtain national press.  While we always stress that features in your local publications are equally, if not more, important, we know there’s credibility no paid advertisement can obtain when it comes to national coverage. One of the easiest ways for your medical practice to know which journalists are looking to be pitched which stories is a FREE service. Yes, we said FREE. ”Help a Reporter Out,” known [...]

Getting Ready: Vegas Cosmetic Surgery, Here We Come!

At The Best Medical Business Solutions, it’s no secret that we travel.  A lot.  From conferences to client site visits, we’re on the road a few dozen weekends each year. We’re excited that yet another fantastic conference is ALMOST HERE!  We’re getting ready for Vegas Cosmetic Surgery’s 2015 annual meeting, taking place July 10-14, 2015 at The Bellagio in Las Vegas. Join us and explore new surgical developments, learn about emerging non-invasive techniques, attend [...]

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I have known Jay Shorr for a number of years and consider Jay one of the most ethical and honest individual I have met in my life. I have observed Jay deliver the most informative and impressive practice management presentations of all the large number I have attended in the past. Jay can be firm but most of all can be trusted. I would like him to manage my practice and especially be my neighbor.

Jim Click | Founder and Co-Owner, LeShe Aesthetics LLC

“Jay Shorr is a wealth of knowledge with practice building and has tremendous insight in the field of Aesthetics. His fierce determination to get the best deal for his client and protect their well-being is an enormous asset to any organization. I have worked with him on multiple deals/projects and witnessed this first hand. He is hard working, dedicated, and will not rest until the job is completed to his satisfaction.”

Ted Porterfield | Director, New Business Initiatives at SkinMedica Inc., An Allergan Company

Dr. Alex Eshaghian“One thing that I love is that I can run any question by you and get a valuable response right away.”

Dr. Alex Eshaghian , A E Skin, Encino, CA

Dr. Rich

“I have heard Jay speak for years at national meetings. He always is the highlight of the program. My greatest regret is, “Why did I wait so long to work with Jay?” He treats your business like it is his business, and as an entrepreneur himself he knows how important the smallest details can be. You owe it to yourself to get to know Jay and his team. His fees are a very minor investment for the savings and increased productivity he will help you bring into your office. I give him my highest recommendation.”

Rich Castellano | MD, ImageLift

Dr. Bengelsdorf

“We are able to have the benefit of an MBA-level consultant without having to hire one full time. We have used Jay Shorr for numerous projects, including human resource management and vendor relations. He is an excellent negotiator and has already saved us over five times what we have paid him. Glad he’s on our side.”

Steven Bengelsdorf | MD , The Franklin Center for Skin and Laser Surgery

Dr. Miller

“I’ve been working with Jay Shorr for years. Jay has been instrumental in rearranging some of the administrative and finance issues in our office. I would recommend Jay to anybody. He has always been present when I needed him.”

Normand Miller | MD , Aesthetic & Vein Center MD