At Shorr Solutions, we’re big fans of running our clients through an exercise to showcase where they stand within something called the Conversion Cascade. In other words, we would like to know what is happening within your sales cycle. For instance, where you’re losing patients, what the ratio is between marketing expenses, and the amount of revenue you’re generating.

Marketing is a necessary part of any successful business and it’s important to know that your marketing efforts are working. It will either be that or you’re just wasting money.

Click here to learn more from Jay Shorr, Founder and Managing Partner of Shorr Solutions in Surge magazine as he explains the step-by-step process that is now as the conversion cascade.

By understanding your conversion cascade, you can apply this same formula to increasing your profitability and it also allows you upgrade with your existing clientele.

To learn more, click here to read Jay Shorr’s article in Dermascope magazine, “Utilizing the Conversion Cascade to Upgrade Your Clients.”

How To Increase Revenue You're Generating