Break Out The Pink

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s time to pay homage to the brave women who have fought this fight. You want to show your support? You believe in the cause and you want your patients to know that too! Pink bracelets? What about pink bows on labels? Sound interesting? Click here to read Jay [...]

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It’s Open House Season

It’s open house season. This is the time you can get new clients to check out your practice and see all the varieties of services you offer. It’s also a way for existing clients to come and learn new things about practice. This is the time to wow them. From the food to atmosphere [...]

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How To Market To Men

We understand that making the transition in your marketing is going to take some effort.  Marketing to men can be quite a challenge when you’re used to filling your promotional materials with flowers, clear female skin and shades of pink and purple. However, keep in mind that the market is there... if you know [...]

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How To Use Internal Marketing To Boost Revenue

There’s countless way to market to consumers. Whether you're considering billboards, radio or television commercials, print ad campaigns or social media ad campaigns, the options are limitless when it comes to marketing concepts to bring in new patients to your medical practice. However, we find that, when we get started with a number of [...]

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How To Track Marketing Efforts

Marketing is a major part of any business.  It allows you reach a new clientele as well making sure that all existing clients are aware of what is going on within your practice. In today's marketing, your marketing mix could include any of the following pieces: Social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc., [...]

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How to Market Your Online Store

You’ve done it. You’ve decided to launch your new online store with your merchandise, skincare line, and all of the services your clients and patients have been asking for. Now what? Yes, online retail is becoming a larger and larger market. However, even with the market being there, it’s essential that clients KNOW you’re [...]

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To GroupOn Or Not?

Groupon. The craze that swept the nation. With so many businesses using Groupon as a marketing strategy, it can appear to be a lucrative strategy to increase traffic in your practice or spa, increasing the number of patients and clients that come through your door.  After all, you think that quantity wins... right? Let’s [...]

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How to Create a Strong E-Newsletter

We all get them: e-newsletters.  Filling up your inbox faster than you can delete them, with promises of one-day sales and show specials.  Some you read as soon as they appear, while others go straight to the trash bin.  When used correctly, any good marketing company will tell you that they're an effective part of [...]

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HARO: Easy Press Leads For Your Medical Practice

Often, medical practices ask us how to obtain national press.  While we always stress that features in your local publications are equally, if not more, important, we know there’s credibility no paid advertisement can obtain when it comes to national coverage. One of the easiest ways for your medical practice to know which journalists [...]

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“Best of” Articles: Opening Your Medical Practice

Whether you’re a brand new physician who, just out of medical school, is excited to embark on your lifelong dream… or a seasoned professional who’s ready to open another office, we’ve spoken with someone just like you.  At each and every conference we attend, we hear from dozens of doctors thinking about taking the [...]

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