How to Create a Strong E-Newsletter

We all get them: e-newsletters. Filling up your inbox faster than you can delete them, with promises of one-day sales and showy specials. Some you read as soon as they appear, while others go straight to the trash bin. When used correctly, any good marketing company will tell you that they’re an effective part of your marketing strategy. It’s about your brand and how that e-blast conveys your message.

The top tips we often give our clients include:

  • Make sure you’re speaking your patients’ language, both literally and figuratively.  If you have a casual tone throughout your messaging, carry it through to your email marketing. If your patients speak mostly Spanish with your staff, consider this as well. (If your patient base speaks two separate languages, consider crafting two separate e-blasts and breaking up your list.)
  • When it comes to branding, consistency is key. This remains true for email marketing as well. Make sure your brand is accurately represented, even down to utilizing the business’s logo and mimicking the office’s color scheme.
  • Keep your list clean! Make sure you’re regularly updating your email database, asking patients to confirm the address you currently have on file with each conversation your staff has with them.

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Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your e-newsletter but simply can’t devote the man-hours? We can help with our e-newsletter construction service.

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