How to Keep Your Employees: Top Things Your Staff Needs to Stay for the Long Haul

Keeping your employees may be an area where you find your aesthetic practice struggling, but have no fear, we are here to help. In this blog post, we inform you how to keep your employees and what they NEED in order to stay for the long haul. Remember your team members are people. As people, we need to feel like we are contributing to something bigger than ourselves, and we also need to feel valued, appreciated, and not taken for granted.

So, with these things in mind about your rockstar employees (Click here if you need our help training, hiring, or firing employees), let’s dive into how to keep your staff happy as well as the key things your employees need in order to stay for the long haul.

Employees Will Stay When They Are:


As the owner and medical director of your aesthetic practice, you are the leader of the team. Aim to coach and mentor your employees in their procedure techniques and skills as well as their career goals and work attitude. Also, support and encourage your team. Help them reach their full potential in their abilities and help them build upon their strengths.


Your employees want to feel like they are being challenged in new ways and are being pushed to new heights. When you challenge them, you are also saying you believe in them. What are some ways you can challenge your employees to reach their greatest abilities? Training them to learn and perform a new procedure? Having them step up to lead meetings, taking on a new role in the practice?


Your employees will stay when they are recognized for their hard work and are given the opportunity to increase in what they’re capable of. They like to know there is room for growth in your practice and evolve professionally and personally.


Your team likes to feel like what they do is acknowledged by you and you are grateful towards them for helping your practice succeed, treating your patients well, and providing great customer service as well as transformation results. Your team works hard. They also play a big role in your patient reviews and your practice’s reputation. They like it when this is appreciated.


Being valued is beyond showing appreciation. Show your appreciation is due to what they do, valuing your employees is due to who they are. A great team player, one who has a tenacious attitude and doesn’t quit, one who contributes their positive mentality and spirit to the rest of the team, one who makes you laugh, one who has the dedication to perform great work for patients. Valuing them for who they are because there’s only one of them, and they are part of your practice.

On a Mission

Being on a mission to achieve something is exhilarating. A mission is a goal, a vision, an objective. “Why am I doing this?” “Why am I coming to work?” Establish a mission and share your mission statement with every team member. Share why your practice exists and the difference you want to make in patients’ lives and experiences. When your employees feel like they’re on a mission, they’ll want to stay because there’s a purpose to going to work beyond routine activities.


Empower your team with the tools they need to succeed. This can be achieved by registering them to join you in attending industry conferences and enrolling them in courses to develop their skills. You can also invest in quality training programs to help your staff improve their skills such as their ability to convert patients and increase their closing ratios. We’re happy to help your staff in this area and offer you our sales training service. Click here to learn about how we can provide sales training for your staff today!

Paid well

Finally, an employee will stay with you for the long haul if they are paid well. Being paid well is important and creates a loyal employee because if they have this along with the items we discussed above, they won’t want to work anywhere else.


The main key is that you have to care about the people who are working with you and for you and see them beyond employees performing tasks. Your employees are people who have needs and things that they value when it comes to the workplace. Be sure to do these things for your team and you will see great results in the retention and loyalty of your staff.

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