Staying on Track With Your Aesthetic Practice’s 2020 Resolutions

We're now a few weeks into 2020, which means that it's time to check in on your resolutions to improve your aesthetic practice. We're talking about the goals you've set [...]

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How to Keep Your Employees: Top Things Your Staff Needs to Stay for the Long Haul

Keeping your employees may be an area where you find your aesthetic practice struggling in, but have no fear, we are here to help. In this blog post we are [...]

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Medical Practice & Spa Safety: 9 Often Overlooked Areas

Safety in your medical practice or med spa is of primary importance. Focusing on this area and prioritizing gaining knowledge of safety protocols could mean saving you legal trouble, employee [...]

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Top Ways You’re Losing Patients/Clients

We both know that you don't mean to lose patients/clients and you don't intentionally do certain things to bring about this outcome. However, it happens and it may even be [...]

Simplified Spa: Top Ways to Use Technology in Your Business

We are amazed by all of the marvelous technology available to us in this day and age and all that we can do with it! The trick, however, is to [...]

Motivation Maker: 5 Ways to Motivate Employees

You already know this- employee motivation is an essential key to operating a successful practice. But how do you achieve your goal of helping your team desire to perform their [...]

Best Spa Boss: 7 Golden Rules for Cultivating a Happy Team

Your team drives the success of your practice. It's true that you may in fact have potential and returning patients ringing your phone, following you on Instagram, making appointments, going [...]