How to Work with Family in Your Business

As a father-daughter duo, Mara and Jay Shorr understand the opportunities (and challenges) associated with working with family. We’ve seen family feuds in our clients’ businesses to all-out brawls and wars; there’s no problem they haven’t encountered and overcome.

As much as you may love your brother, sister, father or beloved mother, there must be a clear line between personal and professional. It’s the only way your business can thrive and grow.

Whether it’s discussions over how to avoid patients’ missing their appointments and taking up available openinigs, hiring new employees, or how to save more money through a GPO. There’s always a way to make it work. After all you are family.

Want to know more about how to balance family and business?

Read their piece in Modern Aesthetics magazine here to learn more about how Jay and Mara have managed to become the dynamic father-daughter team they are today!

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jay shorr and mara shorr