Here at Shorr Solutions, we never refer to the people that work in our company as our “staff.”  They’re our TEAM.  We work together to achieve one common goal: serving our clients!  (Side note: if you want to see our team, click here.)  Know that, just like OUR team, your staff is YOUR team, too. However, the question is this: Are you a team player?

If the answer’s no, it’s time to change that and focus on things like how your team can help your practice.

Aside from having your receptionist purely answer phones and make appointments, use them as a marketing tool. Ever considered free treatments? Who doesn’t love to show off how amazing their face looks after a fresh facial or peel?! Nevertheless, your team will rave about your services to your patients and clients. In return, your patients and clients will see your stunning results. By all means, it’s a win-win!

In this digital age, social media is a critical component to expanding. Aside from simply posting your amazing work on your Instagram or Facebook page, consider allowing staff to post it as well on their personal accounts. Remember, we all have our own network, so tap into theirs.

Click here to learn more about the ten ways your staff can promote your business from our Certified Aesthetic Consultants and our company’s partners, Jay and Mara Shorr in Skin Inc. 

As with new aspect of your business, it’s important to monitor and ensure everything is running smoothly. Is your staff mentioning the new procedures you offer to incoming callers? Are they selling you and the procedure?

If you want answers to these questions be sure to contact us about our Mystery Caller Packages.

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