With summer in full swing, you may notice the staff seems a little “distracted.” They’re focused on swimming pools and jumping waves, sand castles and late nights.  It’s understandable… but it’s not good for business.

Wondering how to combat a slow summer in your medical practice?

Consider the following tips:

  • Schedule lunch-and-learn sessions with your vendors to ensure those relationships are being kept in tact as well as keeping your staff in the loop.
  • Send your staff out to build community relationships to use this time to take advantage of networking opportunities.  Make sure each of them are armed with  business cards year-round as well.
  • Beef up your sales training.  Invest in webinars as well so that your team can increase their sales knowledge from the comfort of their desks, should traveling to a conference not be an option.
  • Focus on your skincare sales.  Patients may not find the summer the best time for certain treatments, such as laser hair reduction (aka laser hair removal) and chemical peels, but make sure your teams knows how to educate every patient and client on the benefits of sunscreens and serums.

With these Shorr-Fire Tips from our Certified Aesthetic Consultants and the company’s business partners, Jay and Mara Shorr offer tips on how to motivate your staff to remain focused in promoting your business.

Click here to read their full article in ASCOP Connect, “How Do You Banish the Disaster of Distraction.”

Still want more on how to motivate your staff?  Contact us today! We’d be happy to offer some Shorr Solutions customized for you and your practice.  We look forward to hearing from you.