Shorr Solutions is proud to write for a variety of industry publications. We have monthly columns in Plastic Surgery Practice, Modern Aesthetics, and ASOCP Connect. We write on a regular basis for Dermascope and Skin Inc. as well. Furthermore, we’re also proud of the education that we’re able to bring to the table and want to make sure you don’t miss the work that we publish every month.

In addition, we are offering a list of a few of our “can’t miss” pieces.  You can always view a full list of the pieces we’ve written here. Of course, Previous blog posts can be found here as well.

Practice Manager

Plastic Surgery Practice, The Shorr Thing: Hire Away: The 6 Must-Ask Interview Questions For All Practice Manager Candidates (Jay Shorr). Next, the second part is 3-part of a series on how to hire the practice manager. Further, learn insider tips on a great interview! From finding out about their partnerships to their long-term goals, see how your candidate sizes up.

Practice Manager

ASOCP Connect, The Practice Wing: How Do You Stand Out In A Sea Of Sameness (Jay and Mara Shorr). We offer an insider’s checklist for level 2.0 marketing tips! Specifically, on how to make sure YOUR practice goes above and beyond the competition

Modern Aesthetics,  When and How to Review Staff Compensation and Goals (Jay Shorr). We’re often asked by our clients how to provide a successful employee and staff review. Meanwhile, we’re here to help with the items you need to make sure to include and some basic metric suggestions.