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Join Shorr Solutions’ partners and father-daughter team, Mara Shorr and Jay Shorr, as they dive into the business side of cosmetic and aesthetic medicine and divulge what it takes to succeed in the industry. As seasoned professionals and industry pros, Mara and Jay lend you their expertise and experience (often joined by colleagues, marketing professionals, practice owners, providers, legal experts, and more) to give YOU the behind-the-scenes advice you’re craving… with a side of humor and kindness along the way!

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Welcome to Shorr Solutions: The Podcast. I’m your host, Mara Short. I’m a partner in the cosmetic and aesthetic medical practice management consulting company. Yes, Shorr Solutions. Listen up as I chat, converse, strategize and commiserate with special guests, influencers, friends, and colleagues who are all in the cosmetic and aesthetic medical space too. It’s time to listen, learn, and get inspired. Welcome to Shore Solutions. The podcast.

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Well, hello there. As the first episode of Shorr Solutions: The Podcast, let me introduce myself. My name is Mara Shorr. I’m a partner. Yes, part owner of Shorr Solutions, and we are a practice management consulting company for the cosmetic and aesthetic industry. Who is the other owner, you might ask. Oh, that’s easy. That is my father, Jay Shorr.

People ask me all the time about how that goes, and you’ll hear more about how we built our company, who we are, what we do, and the story behind how we got started in the next episode. I’ve been in the communications industry since 2005 and really came into the aesthetics medical world formally in 2011. Honestly, this crazy landscape, which I love so much, keeps changing.

I started in the nonprofit world after graduate from college, but realized after spending time in fundraising for the local PBS and NPR affiliate here in my current city of Orlando, Florida, and working with the Florida Film Festival all in fund raising, that honestly, I was meant for entrepreneurship and I was meant to lead this team. So here I am now.

This is my second startup. The first was for the Leone company and in case you’re wondering, Leone is actually my middle name. I hated it growing up. So of course the next logical thing to do was to make that actually part of my business name, because that’s logic for you. But actually with that, I was focused on working with small businesses, nonprofits in communication and fundraising, consulting, really helping small businesses and nonprofits achieve what they do best.

So I quickly shifted into the aesthetic industry nearly a decade ago. And again, you’ll hear more about that shift and why I made the decision that I did in the next episode. So now I’m a partner in Shorr Solutions and we are a consulting firm. I’m also a certified aesthetic consultant, a public speaker for more than a dozen national industry conferences like Vegas Cosmetic Surgery, Global Aesthetics.

The Aesthetics Show, American Academy of Facial Aesthetics and so many more, which you’ll hear me talk about with my colleagues in upcoming episodes. I write for several industry publications. Like Modern Aesthetics, the Aesthetic Eye, Derma Scope and more. However, I now spend most of my time consulting with my amazing team, and you’ll hear again and again. I don’t have a staff.

I always say I have a team. That’s how we always talk about ourselves. And you’ll hear me say this again and again. So now my team and I really we’ve been so fortunate to obtain so many incredible awards in the industry, everything from Aesthetic Everything and The Aesthetic Guide’s TAG! You’re IT! award to several more. It’s been a phenomenal ride.

Seriously, as you’re all listening to this, you guys deserve so much credit because so much support has been given over the years. I’ve been wanting to start a podcast for years and I’m just grateful that now the timing is right. You’ll notice that a number of the first episodes are really recorded in the spring of 2020. Honestly, most of them got started in April of 2020, if not the end of March, and if you know anything about what’s currently going on and what’s going on since the end of March and April, it is the time of COVID 19 and the Coronavirus pandemic.

So that is a common theme and a common topic you’ll hear us talk about on the first couple of episodes. All of our roles have shifted, and honestly, most of my clients and colleagues practices are now temporarily shut down. We’ll be talking a lot about that for the next few episodes, including what the heck you’re able to do now so that your business is going to be on track and able to thrive as we go ahead and experience this rebirth and regrowth.

So what can you expect from upcoming episodes? In Shorr Solutions: The Podcast you’ll be hearing not only from me but from my guests. That means colleagues, clients and honestly, friends who have done great, big, exciting, amazing things. We’re here to be a source of knowledge, know-how, and hopefully a breath of fresh air, because we always say that collaboration beats competition every single time.

I can’t wait to introduce you to my gaggle of experts along the way, and if you have any questions or topics you want covered, send me a note at marashorr@shorrsolutions.com. That’s marashorr@shorrsolutions.com. And remember that solutions plural because we have more than one. Cheers, y’all. And here you go.

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So that wraps up today’s episode of Shorr Solutions: The Podcast we hope that you’ve gotten as much out of the episode as we have, and if you have, I’d love for you to like it. Rate us and share this episode with your friends, colleagues, and the rest of your team. If you aren’t yet on our e-newsletter, now’s the time to join at www.shorrsolutions.com and click on the e-newsletter at the top right hand corner. We’ll see you next time. And remember, subscribe and leave us a review.

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