In this episode of Shorr Solutions: The Podcast, “5 Easy & Effective Engagement & Marketing Strategies”, learn smart ways to attract new business with up-to-date technology, keep your schedules full and build loyalty with returning patients/clients!

Brought to you by Weave and presented by our Shorr Solutions team and GoDaddy, you’ll learn from our experts, Jay Shorr and Mara Shorr, and successful social media and online reputation management guru, Geoffrey Brown, how to leverage reviews and appointment requests as well as creative digital marketing strategies in order to attract new business. You’ll also learn effective engagement and patient retention strategies such as automated scheduling, payments, texts, emails, reminders… all the things that will make your life EASIER.

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Mara Shorr

Welcome to Shorr Solutions: The Podcast. I’m one of the hosts. Mara Shorr, I’m a partner in the medical practice management company. Yes, Shorr Solutions. Who’s the other host, you may ask? Easy answer. That would be my father, our founding partner. Jay Shorr. Together, we now have an amazing team and clients across the country. Listen as we chat, converse, strategize and commiserate over life in the aesthetic medical industry.

It’s time for you to listen, learn, and be inspired as we help you kick start your practice. Because who doesn’t want a little more help? Welcome to Shorr Solutions: The Podcast.

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Geoffrey Brown

All right, this is five easy and effective engagement and marketing strategies brought to you by GoDaddy and Shorr Solutions brought to you by Weave. Hi, everyone. My name is Geoffrey and I’m also here with the amazing, the Fabulous, the All knowing Mara and Jay Shorr. Today, we’re going to be highlighting five easy and effective strategies to make sure that you’re going to be starting your business online.

You’re going to be able to improve those interactions with current and potential customers. After that, we’re going to dive into how to reach new audiences and attract business. Then after that, we’re going to go over how to focus on health with the blog that’s going to actually bring you more clients and patients. And then last but not least, we’re going to take everything home with how to use Facebook and Instagram to enhance your digital marketing.

So like I said, my name is Geoffrey Brown. I’m with GoDaddy, a webinar manager, been with the company for I think I just said six years that said that I can’t remember. I’ve had six or seven years. I’ve been in Austin for seven years, been with the company for six, but excited to be here. And I will say one of my favorite things about being a webinar manager and working at GoDaddy is getting to learn from local entrepreneurs and local business owners, but also able to give back to education as well.

I grew up working in small businesses. Some of my family have small businesses, so definitely able to give back through this, through educational webinars is one of my favorite things to do. Now with that, I’m going to put myself on mute and I’m going to turn it over to Mara and Jay.

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Mara Shorr

Hello. Thank you so much, Geoffrey. This is something that we are incredibly passionate about, and so I am. Mara Shorr. Not only is Jay my business partner, but Jay is my father. So we are just the dynamic father daughter duo. I always say one of the smartest things I ever did in business. So we are the partners in Shorr Solutions, and we are a national award winning cosmetic and aesthetic surgery and medical practice management firm.

So one of the things that we really love to do, in addition to helping our clients on the business side of medicine, is truly go through the different tactics just like we’re going to go through with you today and looking at some real life takeaways, things that you can get started with today. So Jay, do you want to give a 15, 20 seconds about yourself as well?

Anything you think I forgot to add? And then we can we can kick this off.

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Jay Shorr

Well, it is obvious that I thought you knew me real well as my daughter, but you asked me to give 15 to 20 seconds and anybody that has ever known me or ever heard me lecture knows that I can’t do it.

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Mara Shorr

That’s why I gave you a time limit, Jay. You already wasted 10 seconds there. Come on.

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Jay Shorr

And just as a as a prelude to that, I am a former practice, a medical practice owner of a very large dermatology facial body, plastic practice here in South Florida, and started this medical practice consulting firm, Practice Management Consultants dealing in the operational, administrative and financial health and guidance of medical practices, Medspas surgical practices.

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Mara Shorr

Perfect. So let’s go ahead and let’s get started. So the first topic, just like Geoffrey said, is how to start your business online. So we know that every single practice needs a website at this point. It used to be. Now, Jay, I have been doing this a very long time. If I look young, it’s because, well, quite honestly, I know good people.

We are in the cosmetic aesthetics phase, after all. So when I first started, let alone when Jay first started, it used to be that there were practices out there that quite honestly didn’t even have a website. Now we recommend to our clients that they get started with their website before they even open their doors. So there’s a couple of things that we recommend to every client is that once you have picked the name of your business, quite honestly, claim that domain we own domains I’m going to say is right.

And I don’t get paid from GoDaddy to say those. We own domains for websites that we may not necessarily plan on really creating that if we are between a couple different business names, we will buy them all and have one route to driving forward to the next. So I think that’s number one is buy your domain right away.

Even before you get started with the website. Once you pick a website company that you love, you’re going to want to talk to them about what is your brand, what does your logo look like, what is the conversational tone of your website? And that should be part of your overall brand. But when creating your website, you want to think about having room to grow.

So for those of you that have had either have little kids now or you’ve ever been a small child, at some point, remember when you used to go and buy shoes and your parents would put your their thumb at the very tip of your toes and say, up you want room to grow into, Right. That’s what you want.

How you want to think about a website. So, for example, you want to make sure that there are click to call options on a mobile site. So when you work with the website vendor, this is something that’s standard. Right now you want to think about is your website vendor and is your website able to support online chat functions and widgets.

Whether you actually build out the site with GoDaddy or you work with a third party designer, they’re both absolutely great options. GoDaddy has some really great templates. We have some of our own sites that we’ve built, quite honestly through GoDaddy using the templates. There are other sites that we’ve worked with a Website designer for because we just want something really robust and custom.

So you want to think about having something that you’re able to grow into. Another item that you truly want to think about while we’re talking about what you can automate in the future, you’re thinking about online booking and online scheduling. I know that that’s a little bit easier when it is a non insurance appointment. It just the scheduling sometimes is a little bit trickier when it comes to online booking through insurance.

But think about what your Web site vendors are able to incorporate into your website before you even start building it and ask them so that you have that room to grow. Essentially, not only are you speaking with your website vendors, but I encourage you to speak with your phone company, your EMR, your scheduling software, what widgets can they incorporate into the website.

Now for any of you that don’t know, now, Jay and I are obviously different generations, right? Jay I think that that’s fair to say, fair to assume. And so maybe in Jay’s day, we call it a widget, anything that was maybe to be invented yet, right? So what we’re actually talking about widgets widget is the coding and technology on the back end of your website that is able to help your website do things more automatically, so to speak.

So I would really, I would really encourage you, as you are looking at building out your website and you’re looking at building out your business online, talk with your phone company. In this case, I’m going to go out and say this was helped put on by Weave. We are honestly big fans of Weave. We have many clients that use we’ve one thing that we love is that there are so many automations that are built in to to their software.

There’s all sorts of reports and things, but whether you are with Weave or whether you are with a different phone company, have the conversation with them about the technology that they use and ask them what sort of widgets can be incorporated into the website itself. So when you’re building out that website, the same thing with your EMR, your or your practice management, whether that is online scheduling, is that an online store that patients are able to perhaps especially in the form of a veterinary, for instance, reorder medications?

We have not only our dog, but we have a revolving door of foster dogs here at our house. And so it’s true. I think we’re on our 12th foster right now. So with that, we want to know how easy is it to contact the vet, how and get somebody that will automatically respond? How easy is it to what certain medications, etc..

So think about what those widgets and online stores and things can look like and look at scheduling software. So all of that, when you’re taking your business online, these are things to keep in mind, especially we’re not even getting into the conversation about virtual consults at this point because hello, 2020 and 2021. So I think we’re all aware.

So make sure that that is software that is able to be incorporated into your website as well. So the next step, improving interactions with current and potential patients. Jay, why don’t you go through now that we are on to the next step? So they’ve built out their website, right? So they’re or they’re in the process of building out.

Let’s talk about patient slash client retention. So let’s get started on that.

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Jay Shorr

Well, the easiest thing is it’s very interesting because when I was growing up, which was many, many years ago, I just heard the word widget and, you know, widget was a generic word and nobody ever really understood what a widget was. It’s just that if you’re going to this company manufactures widgets. Now I really understand what a widget is in plug ins to your websites and things like that.

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Mara Shorr

I don’t think they existed when you were growing up. Jay I have to be honest, because even when I was in college, we learned the same thing about widgets. I think somebody finally made a widget. It was finally manufactured.

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Jay Shorr

So now I understand. So what Morris said, pick your website, pick your domain. You know, the other generic name for that is your URL And what is URL? A URL Is your address like where you live? If somebody wants to send you a snail mail, they put in an address and somebody wants to contact you.

If it’s not by a personalized email, they will go on to a website that World Wide Web that WWW dot and whatever name that you pick. And like Mara said, we pick multiples. Now let’s understand what the purpose of a website is. The purpose of a website is either to be educational, to inform the public, or your prospect of patient what it is that you do, where you are, and then all of the other wonderful things that Mara explained.

But the purpose of the website is actually to get the engagement, to get you to call or fill out an online form and an online form can be a request for an appointment, an online could be a chat function. But then if you have your phone number in there, that’s the marketing portion of a conversion cascade. Conversion cascade is simple.

It is the initial market to call call to consult, consult to treatment, treatment to revenue. And this circle goes all through it again. And when you spent all this money in the creation of a website, in the development, like Mara said, it must be done before you start your business. And it never ends, by the way, because there are different Algorythms that Google and everybody else has that change constantly.

And if you don’t keep up with it, you’re going to be left behind. Not necessarily delisted. Although several years ago in the medical community, if you didn’t follow specific guidelines and algorithms, you either got put to the back or you were delisted. All right. Which became a problem, whether it was pigeon or penguin or dolphin, all those other fancy terms and animals and fish that they used to call it.

But the purpose of it is to get somebody to call. So when they call and you spend all this time and money and time is money, you blew it on the phone call. How? Because when they called the perspective or client or patient did not hear a smile. I like to hear a smile. If I can’t see the smile now, Geoffrey Ma and I were having a conversation before the webinar started about are you zoomed out?

Do you like Zoom? Do you like video or do you prefer a telephone conversation? I personally love video because not only can you see my smile, you can hear my smile. Whereas, you know, when you’re an interruption of somebody’s time, when they pick up the phone and they go, doctor’s office, can you hold, please? And it’s like, Oh my goodness, I am in my mind. I’m saying, I’m so sorry to interrupt your day.

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Mara Shorr

I see Geoffrey going oh. But, you know, we’ve all been there. We have absolutely all been there where you go, Oh, I’m sorry to interrupt you while like I called to book an appointment. I’m sorry, did I get in the way of, you know, your gossip? Our What’s going on here?

00:14:35:10 – 00:14:51:23

Jay Shorr

I used to say when I owned a medical practice, if it wasn’t for the patient, I’d get a lot of work done. Now, I say when I’m in the business world, if it wasn’t for the client, I’d get a lot done. A lot done. But never, ever lose sight of the fact that it is the patient. It is the client that is your business.

00:14:52:02 – 00:14:58:02

Mara Shorr

So once they once they call and let’s say they have that smile, what sort of wording should they be using?

00:14:58:08 – 00:16:56:10

Jay Shorr

You’ve got to be very succinct. I personally love closed ended comments instead of open generic example. You say dermatology plastic surgery this is Jay and I can help you versus how may I direct your call? I like to be told when I’m speaking to somebody that the person that is answering the phone can help me. Whether they answer the question or not, they’re letting me know right off the bat that they are the right person to have contacted and they’ll help me.

They’ll direct my call. They’re not to be giving medical advice. They’re just there on that closed ended comment. I can help you and, you know, never lose sight of the fact that always in the beginning tried to get whoever’s calling name, phone number, email address for a multitude of reasons. A number one, in case we get disconnected. How may I reach you again?

Don’t take the caller ID for the gospel because some people may be calling you from work. They may be stealing the time. Who cares as long as they call. But if you’re going to try to call them back, they may not be able to and speak with you. So ask for their permission, ask for their contact number, although they may not be interested in purchasing right now, ask for the contact information so that you can put them on your email list or contact list so that in the event you have important messages or specials, you can recontact them.

Again, a very important line that I always say is you are never an interruption of somebody’s time when you have something interesting to say.

00:16:56:12 – 00:22:07:00

Mara Shorr

And I would even say that make sure when you’re collecting email addresses, even if it is the person’s first and last name, make sure that you repeat back the spelling. Geoffrey Is that Geoffrey spelled with G-E-O-F-F-R-E-Y. I’m going to say that we probably have the spelling of Brown down pat, but confirm that as well.

There’s not a silent E on the end, but confirm the spelling of Geoffrey, because if you spell it with the J, it’s not going to get to him. Okay. Mara is that M-A-U-R-A  or is that Laura And maybe you’ve heard it wrong and I can’t tell you how many times when the email address is Jay Shorr. J Specifically has to say it’s. Jay not just the letter J. SHORR.

So your marketing person will thank you by making sure you confirm the spelling of the email address. I know that’s a simple, simple tip. So we want to make sure that not only are you having your front desk person who traditionally might be called a receptionist, right?

We haven’t called them secretaries in a very long time. So we’re going to say traditionally we may hear more receptionist but we at Shorr Solutions love to say Director of First Impressions, we encourage you put that on business cards just that. Honestly, we love Director of First Impressions. So there are so many pieces of software because again, this is all about how can we continue to make life easier for your team If you are a team member listening to this call, we are not looking to drive you out of a job.

We are looking to make your life easier. So look for software that, for example, has systems that will sync your patient or client name to confirm who they are from the start. Next, there is software out there, whether it’s practice management, software, whether it is a phone system that syncs with your practice management software. I like to recommend Weave for instance, but that will show what is the next upcoming appointment for each family member.

Where do they need to schedule that appointment? I was speaking with somebody yesterday when they took their child in for a dentist appointment. They realized they hadn’t been to the dentist themselves in ten years. Yes, there are very, very busy mama, however when they call to make the appointment for their child, this would have been a great opportunity to say.

As a matter of fact, I also see in your account you are due/ overdue for a cleaning. Can I schedule that for you right now as well? It’s additional opportunity for your existing patients. Are there overdue balances that you can collect while you have them on the phone? There are phone systems out there that do this. There’s practice management systems out there that will show this to you.

So especially if you have either an insurance based business, if you have surgical business, that maybe there is an existing balance due before surgery takes place. Maybe like we said, if you’re a veterinary practice and especially whether it’s in your personal pet, whether you do a lot when it comes to rescues goodness, with rescues, there is always a revolving and continual balance so that you can work on collecting when you are on the phone.

Are there any other tasks that you have for the caller while you have them on the phone? Look for a phone system that those automations will pop up when that phone number calls. It’s going to make your life so much easier, bring in more money to the practice, bring in more phone appointment opportunities to the practice, all of those things.

So you want software that is going to help you kick it up a notch. It’s here to make your life so much easier. We’re going to talk a little bit more about using technology to keep your patients coming back and again, making your life easier. So when we think about phone software, there’s phone software now that was able to send out automated texts either when your patients and whether it’s phone software, whether it is your practice management software, whether it is a third party software, but either when your patients haven’t come back for retreatment in six months, for example.

So again, we love we’ve but there’s others. So if we’re talking about more elective treatments, whether that is your B12 shots that are coming up, whether that is annual physicals that are coming up, whether we’re talking about neurotoxins, Botox, Dysport, Xeomin and Jeaveau, etc.. So whichever specialty you’re in, that’s where there are retreatments that are due on a regular basis, automated text for upcoming appointments that are really going to help decrease your rate of no shows.

Now. Jay We hear people say all the time, but I like the personal touch of my team at making this phone call and reaching out. How often do our clients, i.e. the medical practices that we work with, how often do you think they actually reach patients and how many times are they actually just leaving voicemails?

00:22:07:02 – 00:22:36:02

Jay Shorr

Well, from personal experience, I can share with you that, you know, it is a very, very nice touch to have a person calling. And I still have my orthopedist office that will call personally, and it is a nice touch. However, depending upon what I’m doing, where I am, the time of the day, I may not answer the call or I may not know the number that is calling, so I may not answer.

00:22:36:02 – 00:22:39:16

Mara Shorr

Geoffrey is shaking his head like, Aha, yup.

00:22:39:18 – 00:23:31:05

Jay Shorr

So if I don’t have you in my address book because you may be calling from a secondary or a third line in your office that I had earmarked for my doctor’s office, I’ll wait for you to leave a voicemail. However, when I get an automated text, which is the one to confirm, two to cancel, three to reschedule.

I love it. Number one, I love it because I may have forgotten that I have the appointment because when I go and I make my appointment for the follow up, it automatically goes into my calendar. I don’t take the cards because they’ll get lost. I just as soon rather have it right in my phone because I have the two day reminder or the one day reminder, the 15 minute reminder, which is by the time 15 minutes too late because I’m already late for the appointment If it’s 15 minutes.

00:23:31:05 – 00:23:48:10

Mara Shorr

But I do, that brings up a good point, though, Jay. I encourage practices. We encourage practices all the time to utilize all of those. Because just because, for example, you reminded me two days ago that I had an appointment doesn’t mean I’m going to remember the next day or, you know, that morning. So just because I remember two days.

00:23:48:10 – 00:25:28:02

Jay Shorr

Ago, yeah, there are people like me that are pretty obsessive about their schedules and I will check my schedules several times during a day. Even though I’ve checked it this morning. Sometimes another appointment in my business may have popped up because we have automated calendars that you can make an appointment with us online without even calling us. So what happens is what schedules may have been in the morning just like a medical practice, may change several times during the day, either with a new appointment or a reschedule.

But automated appointments are absolutely wonderful. It is great to have the personal touch. However, about 10% of the people that you call are actually the people that you reach. And then you never really know when you left that voicemail whether or not that voicemail was ever received, if you have my house phone in your records, I promise you, you will never have.

Jay listen to the voicemail, because I don’t ever answer my house phone or listen to my house voicemail. The only reason I have a house phone is because of an alarm. That’s the only reason. So it’s got to be on my personal mobile device. And some people did you ever call them? And it may be even in business and you go to leave a voicemail message and it tells you the voice box is full and it’s not accepting any messages.

If you are that medical office, then how do you leave the message? But I’ve never ever received your text box is full and unable to receive a message.

00:25:28:02 – 00:25:47:15

Mara Shorr

And I encourage you, which you’ll see at the bottom of the slide, always make sure that when you are texting that you are keeping HIPAA in mind. So work with a service provider that truly keeps HIPAA in mind. Whether that is email, whether that is your phone, your text, whoever you’re using. So I truly encourage you, make sure you’re always keeping HIPAA in mind.

00:25:47:16 – 00:26:06:24

Jay Shorr

The only difference with that, though, is if you call and say you have an appointment with Dr. Mara. Dr. Geoffrey, that is not HIPAA violation. If you call and say you have an appointment with Dr. Geoffrey and Dr. Mara and you go on to say what the problem is, that is a HIPAA violation.

00:26:07:05 – 00:27:03:10

Mara Shorr

Right? Right. So so the final thing that I would say we want to make sure that is some people don’t realize is an option with your phone system is that an automated text is available. There are software options out there, i.e. Weave, we will talk about Weave. And again, I’m sure that other phones systems do this. We just happen to be very, very aware of what Weave does.

And honestly, they have helped our clients, many of our clients solve this issue where in a busy practice, sometimes the phone call is missed. So what this allows you to do is an automated text message goes out that you are able to customize and it goes out to the caller. As soon as that call goes unanswered and you can put in your own custom messaging, then. So I truly encourage you to use automation to make your team’s life easier.

00:27:03:12 – 00:27:08:23

Jay Shorr

I’ll tell you what that automation does for somebody like me personally.

00:27:09:00 – 00:27:09:23

Mara Shorr

Tell us, Jay.

00:27:10:00 – 00:27:29:11

Jay Shorr

It lets me know that the call is being acknowledged. Even if they didn’t answer it personally, it makes me feel that the system will let them know and that at least I may possibly get a return phone call versus it wasn’t even acknowledged at all.

00:27:29:13 – 00:29:26:16

Mara Shorr

It goes into the abyss. Absolutely. Absolutely. And that’s where, you know, we want to make sure that we’re able to check these boxes along the way when it comes to working with patients and working with your callers. So this is something the site here is something that we had touched on maybe about 10 minutes ago when we talked about email marketing.

So those email addresses that you have been collecting in your practice management software that you have on that email form on your website, So you have that e-newsletter widget that you’ve maybe from a different third party email marketing software, you’ve now used a widget, you’ve put it on your site, whether it’s a GoDaddy site or designed by a third party and hosted on GoDaddy.

But you’ve are now collecting your those email addresses and you’re using them with those properly spelled names. Remember how we said you spell those names properly so that Geoffrey and Jay and I can all get them. There you go. You want to make sure every patient is added to your email marketing and that you’re segmenting your lists. So you want to make sure, for example, that if you are now including things with hormones, right, with with hormone replacement therapy, that you might say, okay, well, Jeffrey and Jay, for example, might be more targeted ads for male hormones, testosterone.

I might be more targeted for estrogen. You just want to look at what makes the most sense. So make sure that you’re able to target that and include your current patients, not just your prospects on your your email marketing efforts. So we want to make sure people ask me all the time how many emails. I say that about two per month.

So maybe every other week is safe. You don’t want your audience to go through email fatigue. We’ve all seen those vendors that you’re suddenly you sign up and now you get them every single day. Don’t be that person, Don’t be that guy. That’s all I got to say.

00:29:26:18 – 00:30:00:00

Jay Shorr

One thing I want to share about email marketing is to be very, very careful that you are leveraging email marketing and your graphics actually represent the people that you are emailing. Don’t segment to your email list as Mara says many time in her or her lectures Fish where the fish are so that you are marketing to different cultures, different genders and different ages.

00:30:00:02 – 00:30:24:07

Mara Shorr

We always say you want to make sure that you’re showing who your audience truly is. So with that, we want to Talk now about reaching new audiences and attracting new business. So, Geoffrey, with that, we will generously give you a chance to talk now. So why don’t you start start chatting a little bit more about how to really make sure that you are part of the conversation?

00:30:24:09 – 00:33:32:11

Geoffrey Brown

Yes. Yes. Thank you. And I think really good ways to make sure that your practice, your business is a part of that ongoing conversation, Whether that’s on Yelp, whether that’s on Google, whether that’s on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you definitely want to make sure that, number one, your Yelp page is clean, your Google. My business listing is claimed, and the reason why you want to make sure that you’re claiming these pages, not just because I claim this page.

There it is. I’ve done my job. I’m done. No, that’s like where the adventure. That’s where the work just starts. That’s where it begins. When you claim that page, you actually get to add in keywords like medical spa. You can add things of like when people are trying to find you think about that. If I’m searching for a local business and I type in just spas and but more specifically, this is a medical spa, probably won’t come up in that search result.

So think about when you’re adding in these keywords, just like medical spa here, it’s going to help you be not only found but possibly chosen as well. When someone’s looking for a business just like yours right here. Now, you also want to make sure that you’re also sharing photos as well. Photos are so, so important. So you definitely want to make sure that you’re doing that as well.

So when you share photos, photos are amazing because they not only light up your page, but they actually, you know, show the inside of what your business looks like as well. So always making sure that you’re sharing photos, you’re adding these keywords. Now, we also want to make sure that you’re also updating your business operations. Now, Yelp used to do this beforehand, but I love that they’re doing this now even more so, especially with the pandemic COVID going on.

They always let people know that, hey, COVID 19 updates. We have implemented a new number of new policies, procedures, protocols and guidelines to actually ensure safety. All of this and for details. And they leave a link right there. So definitely making sure you’re updating those business operations, but also maybe some health and safety measures that you’re doing as well.

So maybe that social distancing enforced. You know, your staff is wearing gloves, temperature checks, sanitizing between clients and patients, things like that. Now, you also want to, if you can have this on your page as well with Yelp, you definitely want to make sure that you’re looking at requests an appointment, booking appointment. You want to make it easy for your customers, your clients, your patients.

Remember, this is when they’re deciding if they want to go with your business or, you know, maybe someone down the street. So this is just a really great way to make sure that people are not just finding you. You know, anyone can be found, but you definitely want to make sure that you’re being chosen as well. So remember, add those keywords, share those beautiful photos if you can, you know, definitely to make sure with HIPAA and everything like that that you are asking your patients things like that as well, your clients, your updating your business operations.

But you know, you’re also having a button where your clients, your patients, they can also book an appointment as well. If you’re going to make sure you’re part of the conversation, you’ve got to make sure this is all filled out because people are already talking about you want to make sure that you’re a part of that as well.

00:33:32:13 – 00:33:49:15

Mara Shorr

I love the way you phrase that about not just found but chosen. I think that that so beautifully puts it. I may steal that in the future. I love that line. This information Geoffrey is giving you is coming into use in the next couple of weeks at the latest.

00:33:49:17 – 00:39:18:03

Geoffrey Brown

I know it’s not even that like even if you’re going to go on holiday or something, you know, maybe you’re taking the vacation, your practice is going to close down for a couple of days. Just don’t put that on your Facebook or Twitter or Instagram page or just send it out in the newsletter. You know, I mean, what if that newsletter goes to their spam or their junk or, you know, things like that?

So definitely make sure you’re not just updating like we were talking about earlier, just your website or your texting someone. You’re putting it all across the board. Another thing you want to do is you’ve got to be consistent if you want to be a part of that conversation as well. And that just does it mean, Oh, my logo is right here, my brand colors are great.

You know, you have to have that same message across the board. That’s another factor in people not only just finding you, but them also choosing you as well and makes you look more credible. You know, that practice has it together. I want to make sure I’m booking my appointment early, you know, not late or I want to make sure I’m getting in for this consult.

And another way that you’re going to attract those new clients, those patients, but also making sure that you’re a part of that conversation. I love reading reviews. I’m that person that will read every single review no matter what, whether it’s positive, it’s negative, it’s neutral. I want to read it. I want to know exactly what’s going on at that business before I’m spending my money.

And a lot of the times, you know, we’re like, okay, I got a good review on Yelp. I got a good review on Google. Good to go. No, you’re not. And the reason why you’re not is because you want to make sure you’re sharing those great reviews from Yelp, Google, even your website across all of your social media sites.

Don’t let your clients or your patients just walk away. You know, you’re also sharing experiences online as well. That’s how you’re going to attract those new clients and those patients to your business. We were actually a few from my friends were talking about this and you know, you’re talking about gifts for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, you know, birthdays, things like that.

And a lot of the times, you know, it’s good to get a card, you know, things like that. And I know some people that might keep all of their cards. I don’t do that anymore. But, you know, people, they want experiences now. That’s what they’re going to hold on to. That’s what they’re going to remember. I remember for, I think, a mother’s Day gift.

I got my mom a picture. It was from us from graduation. But on the back of it, it had a really good inscription from it. So, you know, you’re really giving people these experiences online. You’re not just giving them reviews as part of their experience as well as part of that customer journey, you know, bringing them down that flow.

We kind of went over it a little bit before. We’re talking about keywords, obtaining your information, but you definitely want to make sure all that is up to date. Now, Thursday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. is letting them know that they’re open right now, Saturday and Sunday they’re closed. So amenities and more by appointment only. So you just can’t show up.

You just can’t walk in Garage parking validated parking is huge. I am one of those people whether it’s going to a spin class at 6 p.m. in the morning or, you know, I have to go to my dermatologist, you know, if they’re able to validate that parking because, you know, some of us might be running late. I know like yes, I have my reminders, but traffic might be beating me up that day.

So having to not worry about parking and trying to figure out where I’m going to go is very helpful. And especially being in Austin, where it’s very bike friendly, you know, people might ride their bike to their appointment as well. Can I ride my bike up? Is it going to be safe? And this is something else right here: accept credit cards.

How many of us use Apple Pay, Google pay. And sometimes we maybe walk out the door with, you know, just our phone. That’s me. And you know, when it has on here you accept Apple Pay, Google pay, things like that. That’s also really important. Updating your information, website directions and phone number. Again, making sure all that information is consistent.

It’s just going to help your customers, your clients, your patients down that customer journey. Remember, it’s one thing to be found. Anyone can be found online. You just got to claim our pages, get those things going. But it’s another thing to be chosen. So definitely making sure that you’re looking to be chosen and not just found on your sites and your social media sites and things like that.

Now, when I think about ratings and I know sometimes we might say, Oh, like, well, this restaurant has like a not so great rating, That means, you know, their food is probably the best food I’ve ever had before. Sometimes that is the case, but when it comes dealing with things like medical practices, when it comes to dealing with maybe your veterinarian, those are things that I definitely don’t want to just be walking into.

And it’s a 2.5, a 3.0, or maybe their pages not even claimed. You know, when your patients, your clients, they’re talking when you respond to these reviews, think about this scenario. When you look at these star ratings, like 209 total reviews of 4.6 for Google rating and a 4.2 Facebook rating. Remember when people are leaving you these reviews, when your current customers and your current clients are talking about you, it’s not just about them.

It’s about those future clients, those future customers, those future patients that are looking to you know, they just moved into town. They’re looking for a new dermatologist. You know, they’re looking for a new dentist for their kid. You know, they want to get braces or something like that. So you definitely want to make sure that when your patients, your clients, they’re leaving those reviews for you.

You definitely want to make sure that your monitoring those reviews, you’re responding back to those reviews, you’re creating that overall experience online, just like you would in person. But more importantly, this is where your future customers, your clients, their patients, this is where they’re looking at too.

00:39:18:05 – 00:40:17:11

Mara Shorr

And I would argue that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for a positive review. So when you know who your raving fans are, you know, the people that are passionate about you and your practice, then that’s who you want to to just look at them and say, thank you so much. You have no idea how much that means to me.

Would you mind leaving a review so that other patients are able to find as well? It would mean so much to me because it’s when your patients are saying to you, Oh my goodness, Doctor, you have no idea how helpful this was. You have no idea how far and wide I searched for an answer. You were the one that gave it to me.

Hello. That’s a perfect testimonial, so don’t be afraid to ask. And again, in case you haven’t guessed, I am also the one that really encourages you to have an automated system for review requests as well. So that’s what I would suggest.

00:40:17:13 – 00:42:06:11

Jay Shorr

Yeah. Let me let me try and give you an example. Why what Mara and Geoffrey were just saying is so, so important, because I don’t necessarily as a consumer, even if I have great service, I’m not always one that will go on with every experience and give a positive review. And therefore, when you have somebody that leaves a negative review and you have lesser positive reviews, it will give you a lesser of a rating.

But the more total reviews that you have with the more positive reviews, the one negative review won’t hurt you as badly. And it actually makes it seem more realistic because when you have a lot of great reviews and you have one or two not so good reviews, there’s always a kook out there that’s never happy with anything. And they will leave that negative review.

And we’re with clients all the time that send us some negative reviews and ask us to help write the reply for them. They will write it in their name. All right. Just so that we can wordsmith that. So there’s no violations or anything like that. But never be afraid because sometimes the standard of a five and if I think that I’m extremely happy with something that might be a four of five might be perfection, and sometimes people just will not leave fives.

So if people are leaving force as their perfection, the highest you can get are four. So you need a lot of those fives to keep you boosting up. It’s strictly a matter of algorithm and a mathematical metrics.

00:42:06:12 – 00:42:08:12

Mara Shorr

Jay, for the record, I think you’re a five.

00:42:08:14 – 00:42:11:11

Jay Shorr

Thank you.

00:42:11:13 – 00:42:18:23

Geoffrey Brown

That was so nice. That was I was like, wow. I was like, I was going to give them a ten, but you can’t write anyone a ten on Yelp or Google.

00:42:19:00 – 00:42:23:24

Mara Shorr

So I’d give you a ten out of five. Jay, I take it back.

00:42:24:01 – 00:42:26:03

Jay Shorr

It’s like my hair. Is that what it is?

00:42:28:02 – 00:42:31:23

Mara Shorr

Back to you, Geoffrey. It’s all you now.

00:42:32:00 – 00:43:25:18

Geoffrey Brown

One thing, just like we’ve been talking about this whole time, is, you know, letting your patients and clients do the talking is just like in this example right here. You see these great reviews. Don’t let those reviews go unanswered. More importantly, usher those reviews over to your social media sites. Of course, you know, spreading that organic word of mouth as well.

That’s exactly what we want to make sure that we’re doing on these sites. And, you know, like Mara said, you know, you definitely want to make sure that you are encouraging these reviews, encouraging this feedback. You know, if a client walks out, a patient walks out, they’re happy, you know, say, hey, you know, glad that you enjoyed your visit.

Now, would you mind taking some time to leave us a review? Here’s what you can look at our website, Facebook recommendations as well. So definitely make sure that you’re taking that time to encourage those reviews from those patients and those clients. And more importantly, you’re having those same great conversations online, just like you would in person.

00:43:25:20 – 00:44:37:02

Jay Shorr

You know, a lot of times you get good reviews. And what we’ve done is we have just launched a brand new website within the last six or eight weeks. And what we’ve done is put reviews and testimonials on our website from our client base because these are real life plastic surgeons and dermatologists and med spa owners that want to sing our praise and sing our glory.

And when they say to us, We’re so thrilled with your services, one of the things I say to them, or they’ll send me an email that say, how awesome a job we did for something, I’ll say, Do we have your permission to use that on our website? And it may not necessarily be just one page of reviews. It might be a page on each of your procedures that you do.

So that is not all the same. Regurgitated 5-10 reviews and sliders. However they could be and different procedures that you’ve done in a client, patient, whatever may have given you that positive review. Don’t be afraid to ask it. Don’t be afraid to use it because it lives a long time on your website and keep them refreshed.

00:44:37:04 – 00:46:10:20

Geoffrey Brown

And you definitely have to make sure that those reviews, they’re being refreshed. But also you want to make sure you’re taking that same refresh approach and also show that you’re listening as well to these reviews. Just leaving that open line of communication and being personable in those responses, just showing that you’re listening, just showing that you’re authentic and making sure that you’re just having that same great customer service level online, just like you would in person.

So one thing that you definitely want to make sure you’re doing is you’re staying top of mind. So of course, to stay in mind, you know, right here through your channels, social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, maybe give ticktock if you’ve had the chance or you do an experiment, you know, newsletters. I love getting newsletters, but like I said, you want to get them, you know, one or two times a month.

Nothing crazy, nothing too much out there. Because then I think it’s like in my case, I’d end up unsubscribing. You don’t want that to happen. And then those text messages, reminders. So I get them for my restore hyper wellness where you can go do the sauna, you do different things. But also from my doctors as well for an appointment and I get them the day before to confirm.

I get them the morning hours, but I also have the feature to add it to my calendar because I also I’m connected with my Apple Watch, my phone. So you definitely want to do those as well. And yes, birthday cards. I think I’ve gotten one from my dentist a few times, but I’ve got them from insurance, my assurance agent as well.

So those are always nice, especially when the Thanksgiving ones I’m like, Where is the turkey? Where’s that at? So definitely making sure that you’re staying connected as well.

00:46:10:20 – 00:47:12:20

Mara Shorr

As the VIP. There was one year where not only did I have Invisalign, my husband had Invisalign, my grandmother needed dental work, we referred my aunt and uncle. All of these people, I referred in the same year. And so lo and behold, they sent us a ham. So our dentist one year sent us a ham. So I encourage you now you can’t play tit for tat.

It was just thank you for being a VIP. Now, I’m a vegetarian, but my husband really enjoyed the ham with his newly straightened teeth. So just you’re welcome to get creative. And I will say that as we’re talking about text messages, get creative depending on your business. I have gotten one from they don’t sponsor any of this, but I got one from PetSmart basically giving me what their current Father’s Day special is.

And so if you have upcoming specials that you want to promote, get creative on how you can your patients that way too.

00:47:12:22 – 00:48:04:22

Jay Shorr

Don’t lose sight of the fact there’s the email exhaustion and text exhaustion. However, as exhausted as I get, remember I use the expression you’re never interruption of somebody’s time when you have something important to say. I always say my favorite button in my email is the edit, and then the circles that I swipe my finger right down the side and I’ll delete 50 messages in the morning because I’ve got 100 messages.

Most of them are from things I’ve subscribed to. So I have a separate email address that I use that doesn’t interfere with, you know, if I don’t read it, it doesn’t matter. But I recently bought a puppy. And here’s the thing about the puppy they’re giving me, like from Chewy and PetSmart. And you know what? I’m a sucker because anything for my puppy. All right.

00:48:04:24 – 00:48:08:22

Mara Shorr

I’ll forward you the text message. Jay, I’ll forward you the text message deal.

00:48:08:24 – 00:48:55:00

Jay Shorr

Yeah, but if you are, you know, somebody that’s on an E-blast and you want to give somebody X amount of dollars off the skin care product numbers, they have to come in to buy something to get the deal. The example I’m giving is I may not necessarily have needed a product, but if it was time sensitive and you’re going to give me something off or a special on a product, I may not necessarily have thought about it, but when you put it front and center, all of a sudden I’m thinking about it and now I’m going to buy it because it might be time sensitive and I don’t want to miss on the opportunity that I may have needed It next month, but it’s available now. I’ll take the money today, over next month.

00:48:55:02 – 00:49:08:08

Mara Shorr

And with that, Geoffrey, Jay and I are going to sit back and let you run home knowing we have about 5 minutes for the next or the next point or two. So we’re going to let you carry this one on.

00:49:08:10 – 00:55:30:08

Geoffrey Brown

All right. Like I said, we have about a few more minutes left. Going to fly through these last two points really quick. One of the first things that we did, one or the fourth thing that we did want to touch on is focus on a blog that’s going to bring you more clients, more patients. When you’re thinking of a blog, when you’re thinking about your business, you definitely want to make sure that you’re coming up with the editorial calendar, you know, just like you’re going to do your social media content we’re going to look at in the next section.

But, you know, start with a schedule. You know, that’s once a month. But definitely aim to post, you know, at least two or three times a month as well. Come up with different content, come up with bigger content, content that’s going to keep your clients and patients, also your future clients and patients coming back for more as well.

At the end of the day. And what all this is summarizing is you want to make sure that you’re positioning yourself as an expert because that’s what you are. People come to you for that information. And while you can always provide it on your social media sites, you can always provide it face to face because you’re a busy person, you’re a business owner.

At the same time, you can still provide that same level of expertise that’s still that same great content, still that same authoritative way to make sure that your audiences, your clients, your patients have those great resources as well. Also, look at your competitors. I know that maybe seem like, well, that’s just cheating. It’s not cheating. It’s you working smarter, not harder, you know, see what works for them, you know, see if they got some likes on that post, you know, see if people commented back, you know, just like you would do on your social media sites, making sure you’re checking everything out and also making sure that you’re considering your goals.

You know, come with some goals. You want to get more clients and patients from this blog. Do you want to make sure that people are looking more at this blog as well as more of a resource? Do you want to get more shares? Do you want to get more hits on certain articles? One of the best pieces of advice I can give you when you’re thinking about a blog, when you’re thinking about anything for your business, for your website, is put it where your audience can find it, your clients and your patients.

I will let you in on something your clients and your patients. They’re not going to always read. They’re not going to always read because I’m one of those clients and those patients and I don’t always read. And that person that types you back, well, I can’t find it. It’s right here. So just right here where you can see Shorr Solutions, they have a resources. Covid 19 resources right here.

Then boom, their blog right there. You want to make sure that you have your blog right there. You want to make sure it’s where your audience can find it because they’re coming to you for this expert resources. They’re coming to you for this as well. Now, you also want to make sure that you’re going to be looking at important dates for your business.

And I love social media for this because we used to just have, of course, at my Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, but then all of a sudden you look out and you’re there’s like derm Friday like, you know, when you go outside and you don’t put on any sunscreen, you know, there’s an actual hashtag holiday for that.

So it’s where you know, if you’re a dermatologist, you know, any type of business that you want to make sure that you’re taking care of yourself, like that’s pediatrician, doctor, any type of business like that. And the health and wellness space you definitely want to make sure you’re celebrating these types of days as well, whether that’s Happy World Orthodontic Health Day, that was back on May 8th.

You’ll definitely making sure that you’re looking at Google. You’re typing in health and wellness hashtag holidays. We had National Nurses Month last month, Mental Awareness Month last month as well. So making sure that you’re looking at what holidays, what hashtag holidays are relevant to your business and how you can also help make an impact as well. We believe in changing smiles one smile at a time.

Why would they not celebrate this? Not only did it get 14 reactions, but it also got one share. So with that one share got put in front of 100 more people than it originally set out to. And you also, of course, like we said, you want to make sure you’re creating great content. Now, when you’re creating great content, use an expert. I’m sure as a business owner you get lot of questions about, Oh, I’m coming into your medspa, what treatments should I be getting done? Or you know, what have you done in the past? What have these clients said in this situation? You know, you get asked all these types of questions, let that inform your content, Whether that’s blog content or social media content. isn’t just going to only help you out, but it’s really helping put you as a business owner in your audience’s shoes, whether that’s your clients or your patients or your future clients and your patients.

You always want to make sure that you’re putting yourself in their shoes, but at the same time you’re really setting yourself up for success. One way that you can do that is, is look at your analytics, your stats, your metrics that’s going to help determine, you know, your return on investment and not just with your website, not just with your blog, but with your social media sites and review sites.

You want to know where your clients and your patients are coming from. You want to know exactly how they’re interacting with you. Looking at those metrics, looking at those analytics is going to really help you, and it’s going to also help you determine your content, what’s working, what’s not working, and also how long they’re going to be on your site, how long they were there, front of site.

You know, the second page, what have you. Now our last tip for the day, I want to say this for the end is using Facebook and Instagram to enhance your digital marketing. So just like we were talking about a little while ago about, you know, getting that content calendar together, making sure you’re creating a content calendar, you know, for your social media sites as well.

I love these examples right here with Instagram story, You know, more behind the scenes. That’s what people want to see. They want to see what’s going on behind your practice, you know, with have been included in there as well, making it’s okay, you know, getting patients permission, but you know, also making sure that you’re breaking up your content calendar just like this as well, you know, products or services highlights.

But making it educational, making sure that you’re the expert. at a medspa, you can have a product there, but you don’t just want to say, oh, buy this product because it’ll do wonders for your skin. I can go to Walmart, Target and buy something that won’t cost me as much, but why is it beneficial for my skin? Why is it beneficial for this client?

This patient? You know, definitely making sure you’re not just trying to sell across your social media sites. You’re there to help them experience things. You’re there to let them participate. You’re also there to garner engagement as well. That’s what social media is all about. Your current clients and your future clients and patients. It’s about you having that conversation online just like you would in person that two way conversation street.

00:55:30:08 – 00:55:48:09

Mara Shorr

I always say it’s like a cocktail party that if you go to a party and someone just talks at you the entire time, you don’t want to be near that person at a cocktail party. So it’s really somebody gave me this example many, many moons ago and it’s something that’s always resonated. So it’s all about the engagement at a cocktail party.

00:55:48:13 – 00:58:17:04

Geoffrey Brown

It really is. And you know, like you want to work through them, as they say, and that’s what you definitely want to do on your social media sites. You know, how many of us have ever looked at a social media site online and been like, all right, this is this is a great page, but I’m not really getting much from it.

And I love this example from Core Power Yoga. They wanted to include video in this as well. You know, these encouraging words from Anna Rose. A reminder, yoga is for everybody because consumers, especially your Gen-z and your millennials, they want to connect with a real brand. They just don’t want to connect with someone that’s just, oh, this is what we do.

This is how we do it. They want to see themselves in that brand. They want to see themselves in those screenshots. They want to see themselves in those ads. So definitely making sure that you’re a brand that’s going to flourish, but you’re also a brand, like I said a little bit earlier, that’s going to be educational and informative as well.

Remember, you’re not here just to sell things on your social media sites. If you are, I want you to maybe take a nap, you know, wake up and try again because that’s not what your social media sites are for. They’re there for you to conversate. They’re there for you to gain knowledge from your audience members. They’re there for you to also get that feedback as well.

But this just a great way to inform your audience, even inform your clients, your patients, when they’re walking to your practice. You know what exactly to do. Should I arrive a few minutes early before my appointment? Do I need to check in? Do I need to have certain paperwork filled out? Remember your customers, your audience members, your patients, your clients,

They’re not going to be as prepared as we all think they are. So this is what we have to prepare them beforehand. And by posting content like that, it’s going to really help them out. But also making sure you know how many of us, I love to laugh, you know, and I’m always laughing, I’m always smiling. I feel like if we’re not like Jay said, you know, people can hear you smiling.

They can also see smiling. But, you know, I want to hear people smiling as well. And I think that’s the big thing. My parents, like, you’re always smiling and they never really smile in pictures. My mom does. My dad doesn’t like, who’s kid are you? And so but I’m always the one that’s smiling. And I think you should do that with your social media content just because you’re an orthodontist, just because you’re a medspa, just because you’re a dentist, does it mean that you can’t, you know, have a little laugh, have a little chuckle?

And so you definitely want to make sure that if your business allows it, add some humor into it, have some fun with it. It also gives them a chance to just have fun on social media because that’s what social media started out as. It’s just having fun and just staying connected to people.

00:58:17:04 – 00:58:19:13

Mara Shorr

And it shows you’re modern, you’re fresh and you’re paying attention.

00:58:19:15 – 00:58:20:20

Geoffrey Brown


00:58:20:22 – 00:58:27:08

Mara Shorr

You’re not around nobody. Nobody just wants to see stock images. Nobody want to just post stock images. It doesn’t make sense.

00:58:27:10 – 00:58:51:15

Geoffrey Brown

It doesn’t. And it’s also as it’s it’s just not a good mood or anything for people when they walk across that or they come across that page, they’re like, oh, cool, a stock image. Got it. I mean, that’s not what we want to use. We want to use something that’s real, that’s current. You know, we want to use our faces.

You know, if I could be on every ad or something in pictures, I probably would if people ask me, I love this example right here from one day where.


00:58:51:15 – 00:58:58:19

Mara Shorr

Jay, we are going to start using Geoffrey for our our ads. If we need like a really big smile, we’re going to start gushing images of Geoffrey

00:58:58:23 – 00:59:44:04

Jay Shorr

That’s the biggest problem with the stock images. I’ve seen it on every person’s website. It’s the same stock image that I’ve seen. Which differentiates you not at all from other people. I just that and there are some website vendors. I’m not going to mention them, but we’re on every one of our clients e-blasts and they have e-blasts that are done by their web company vendor.

And I kid you not that I get the same image in the same email that’s distributed. And when a patient may go to a med spa and a dermatologist not for the same things, they’re getting the same identical email. This just has a different name.

00:59:44:06 – 01:01:48:01

Geoffrey Brown

Now, the biggest thing that you can do to be a part of that social media conversation, you can’t fight this. You have to you have to monitor things, whether that’s hashtag strategy, whether that’s reviews coming in, whether that’s website metrics, whether it’s appointments. You have to measure every single part of the customer journey to make it as effective as you want to be.

It’s like that old Coke slogan, No deposit, no return. Then I don’t ask me how I know that. Also being from Georgia, that also helps. Pick your own hashtag. You have to come with something creative and fun and engaging for your business, something that somebody else doesn’t have but something that’s special to you. And also embrace social media.

You can tell when people don’t embrace social media, you can tell when it’s kind of being forced. Like Jay was saying, it’s pretty much just like looking at a stock photo the entire time. They are scrolling down someone’s social media feed, make it fun, make it get exciting, go live on Facebook and you know, a kid run right in front of your camera because that’s real life.

And those are things that your audience wants to see. Encourage your current patients and clients to use your social media sites, but also, you know, encourage that feedback as well as questions. Ask our audience, you know, what they want more of. As you’re current clients and patients, you know what you could doing more for them as well. This is just a great way for you to get that feedback and also encourage your new patients and clients to search it.

You know, these hashtags are great. You definitely want to make sure that you’re using them and more importantly, you’re using them the right way as well. Now, I know even over a lot and we took over a little bit of time, but hey, it was something good. It was something great that we wanted to make sure that we’re sharing all these five easy and effective strategies for you to make sure that you’re starting your business online. To making sure that you’re improving those interactions with current and potential clients and patients.

You’re reaching new audiences to attract new business to your business. Focus on health with the blog that will bring you more clients and patients as well. And last but not least, use Facebook and Instagram to enhance your digital marketing.

01:01:48:03 – 01:02:45:03

Mara Shorr

I encourage you to go ahead, send questions to Jay and I. Send questions to Geoffrey. We are very responsive people. I could tell you that between the three of us, we are constantly responding one another all the time. And I also tell you that we are absolutely here for you. So and I cannot say enough good things about everything that GoDaddy has to offer.

Our email addresses were purchased through GoDaddy. Our domains are purchased through GoDaddy. We have a website we’ve done through GoDaddy, you name it. At some point, Shorr Solutions has probably done that as a customer, and this is over the past 10 to 15 years. So I encourage you, check out Weave for a free demo and, learn about all that can be offered.

Contact Shorr Solutions if you have any questions for us. We would absolutely love to talk to you about how to help your practice improve and absolutely again, GoDaddy all the way. So we’re big fans.

01:02:45:05 – 01:02:58:21

Geoffrey Brown

Thank you. And thank you all so much. I first of all, want to give a huge, huge thank you to Jay and Mara Shorr. Like, you both not only amazing co-host, but I think I’m going to go hang out with you now.

01:02:58:21 – 01:02:59:15

Mara Shorr

At a cocktail party.

01:02:59:16 – 01:03:00:12

Geoffrey Brown


01:03:00:12 – 01:03:01:08

Mara Shorr

We can go to a cocktail party together.

01:03:01:08 – 01:03:13:03

Geoffrey Brown

We can work the room and also thank you to Weave as well like thank you for bringing us together and helping us come up with this amazing topic but also these amazing talking points cannot say enough. Thanks.

01:03:13:05 – 01:03:38:14

Mara Shorr

Absolutely. And I’m going to give one more. Thank you. Not just to you, Geoffrey and Jay, for being my amazing co-hosts, but to we have an amazing team as well at Shorr Solutions. And our team managed to help and do all sorts of awesome things on the back end and great graphics and all of that. So thank you to our team as well.

We always say Team, we couldn’t do this without our team, so thank you very much.

01:03:38:14 – 01:03:59:07

Geoffrey Brown

Yes, thank you. All teams across the board Shorr Solutions Weave and GoDaddy. Thank you all so much. Again, feel free to email us. That is what we are here for. So we definitely want to make sure if you have any questions, we will get in touch with you as soon as we can. We promise. And again, love what you do, do what you love.

01:03:59:10 – 01:04:01:05

Mara Shorr

Be found and be chosen.

01:04:01:05 – 01:04:03:05

Geoffrey Brown

Yes, be found and be chosen.

01:04:03:07 – 01:04:05:20

Mara Shorr

Be found and be chosen. Have a great day, everybody.

01:04:05:21 – 01:04:06:19

Geoffrey Brown

Thanks you all.

01:04:06:21 – 01:04:14:11

Jay Shorr

Thank you.

01:04:14:13 – 01:07:10:19

Mara Shorr

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