In this episode of Shorr Solutions: The Podcast, “When We’re OVER the Word ‘Unprecedented'”,  host Mara Shorr describes nine alternative phrases to use in your marketing copy! It may seem as though there is only one word to perfectly describe the difficult times we are in and that is ‘unprecedented.’ We found ourselves seeing the word over and over again and even using it in most of our emails, website updates, social media posts, blog posts, etc. But we are over it, and chances are, your patients are too! Listen now for some creative alternatives!

Mara: We’re going talk about the word unprecedented, because if you are anything like our team, then you are overusing the word unprecedented. I wanted to give you nine terms that you can use in your marketing starting today so that you don’t have to use the word unprecedented anymore. I’m not saying you won’t ever have to use it but let’s be honest, we’re all over it. I’m going to give you in this very short podcast episode nine terms, you can use to replace the word unprecedented when you’re talking about COVID-19 and your marketing today. Of course, I think you should all take a pen and just write these things down.

Number one, “new reality” or “in our new reality”, this is what our practice is doing to provide you with additional safety, for instance. Number two “unique circumstances,” number three “novel times.” This one we’re seeing more and more so whether this falls with unprecedented or not that’s up to you but number three is novel times. Number four is an “ever-changing environment,” number five “new landscape,” six “alternate environment” so ever-changing environment alternate environment, that one is up to you. Number seven, “challenging new world”, or “way of life.” Again, this reminds me a little bit about Brave New Worlds the book by challenging new world is another phrase you can use. Number eight, “current shift in the world” and number nine “in these times of transformation.”

Now, when are you going to use which phrases? That’s up to you and your tone. If your practice has a brand that is less formal, you’re going to want to use a less formal phrase, if your brand is more formal, then you’re going to use a more formal phrase so that truly is up to you. I encourage you, though, write these terms down, AND implement this starting tomorrow, or today in your email marketing, on your website, in your social media, and beyond. I would even say that if you have a phone script for your team and you’re able to implement that in your phone script in your voicemail, as far as your outgoing message in any of your auto-replies, so if that’s an email auto-reply, a text message appointment reminder implement that there. If you have on-hold messaging, which everybody should, if you have on-hold messaging, i.e. what a patient hears when they’re on hold, with your practice. I encourage you to include these particular phrases in there, instead of unprecedented.

So, with that, I leave you with nine phrases to use when you are like us so over the word unprecedented. If you have any that you’d love to add to the list, please send them along via social media or If you have any questions, and this is just becoming overwhelming now that we are in a new reality with unique circumstances in these novel times. See what I did there, then feel free to reach out and check in with me today, because our team is so incredibly happy to help you navigate this alternative.

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