How to Provide Safety In The Medical Workplace

If you’ve heard us lecture before, you’ve heard us say that safety is the number one priority in your medical practice. The safety of your staff, the safety of your patients, and the protection of your staff’s medical licenses are KEY. But, have you taken the precautions to evaluate the small details of your practice? Can you confirm that there is proper traffic flow in your parking lot? What about exiting your practice at night, through the patient’s eyes? Is it a well-lit area? The list goes on and on, and there are so many ways to ensure the safety of your patients upon both entering and exiting the building.

Aside from providing a safe environment for patients, it’s important that all employees are provided with a safe work environment as well. When it comes to employees, the best way to keep them safe is through training, training, and more training. Do all your employees know about their personal protective equipment, for example, and how to properly use it? Annual training on this can be the difference between having a horrific incident or a minor incident.

When it comes to computer set-ups, are all your wires hidden and out of reach of patients?

Now, the weather: it has a mind of its own, and if not addressed properly, can wreak havoc within your practice with slip, trip, and fall incidents from ice, rain, tracking mud into your office, or simply spilling a cup of water on the way from the break room.

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After all, safety is everyone’s responsibility!

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