You’ve done it. You’ve decided to launch your new online store with your merchandise, skincare line, and all of the services your clients and patients have been asking for. Now what?

Yes, online retail is becoming a larger and larger market. However, even with the market being there, it’s essential that clients KNOW you’re online and have the merchandise ready and available. There’s a big difference between getting clients to buy the skincare line located behind the reception desk and punching in their credit card number online.

  • How you do start an online store?
  • How do you market your online store?
  • Why should you start an online store?
  • What should you include in your online store?
  • …. and more!

Shorr Solutions’ partner and vice president of marketing and business development, Mara Shorr, answers your questions in this Dermascope magazine article, “Increase Revenue with Online Retail: The Ins and Outs of Starting an Online Store.”  Click here to read more now!

As an expert in her field, Mara shares her expertise on how to get that online merch moving and maintain in-house sales as well. Click here to read her article, “How to Market Your Online Store,” in Medical Spas’ magazine..

Are you considering opening an online store within your practice? Want some assistance with getting it up and running? Contact Shorr Solutions today!