Often, medical practices ask us how to get national press. We stress that features in your local publications are equally, if not more, important. However, we also know there’s credibility no paid advertisement & that it can be gotten when it comes to national coverage.

One of the easiest ways for your medical practice to know which journalists are looking to be pitched is which stories are a FREE service.

Yes, we said FREE.

Help a Reporter Out,” known as HARO, is a site that allows journalists, bloggers, and authors to connect with sources for specific stories. This could send the leads into your Inbox. This site is deadline driven and can work public relations magic for your practice.

For example, writers may be looking to speak to someone in your area and localize a national story with a celebrity angle on a new cosmetic treatment. They would do pieces for the Holiday on ways to stay healthy during a chaotic season. They could even do a piece on summer beauty tips which are also common favorites. There are 30-70 leads in each email and they are sent three times each work day. Since this is the case, there’s no better way to get this many press leads sent straight to you.

Unsure if it works? We’ve connected with writers at Plastic Surgery Practice on employee theft, what to know when leasing a new office, and Becker’s ASC Review on why surgery centers fail. In addition, we have an ongoing relationship with the Experience Pros radio show, holding regular interviews about positive work practices, thanks to HARO.  (Our full list of pieces for which Jay’s been interviewed is available here.)

Interested to find out more? We’re happy to share our knowledge!

HARO: Easy Press Leads for Your Medical Practice