At Shorr Solutions, we’re proud to write for a variety of industry publications.  We have monthly columns in Plastic Surgery Practice, Modern Aesthetics and ASOCP Connect, for instance, and write regularly for Dermascope and Skin Inc. as well.  We’re proud of the education we’re able to bring to the table, and want to make sure you don’t miss the work that’s published each month.

Practice Manager

Plastic Surgery Practice, March 2015 The Shorr Thing: How much should you charge for your newest procedure?  Wondering how much to charge for the latest procedure you’ve put into place?  It isn’t easy knowing which costs to factor into what you’ll charge your patient per treatment. Jay Shorr breaks it down for you in his article.

Plastic Surgery Practice, February 2015 I Spy: Why Social Media Background Checks Count We’ll be highlighting more of what to look for when hiring a new staff member in future blog posts and articles.  In the meantime, get started by reading what you can (and can’t!) use in a social media background check when hiring a new employee.  With so many channels out there, make sure you use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn in your favor.

Dermascope, February 2015 Prepping for Tax Season  By now, your taxes may very well be on their way to the IRS.  But if you’ve filed an extension (or haven’t put your John Hancock to the papers yet), keep reading for tips and tricks on getting through the end of tax season.