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First, It is an ongoing goal of Shorr Solutions to offer exclusive access to competitive pricing. Generally speaking, this will be for advanced technology, products, and services to assist in growing your practice. As a physician defender, one of our main goals is to set up the best deal for you. At Shorr Solutions, you will get cost-saving opportunities on a range of items. Further, this will include credit card processing and group purchasing organizations. If you need a new credit card processing terminal, then we will offer them at our cost.

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Currently, we have joint efforts from our vendors. Since that is the case, we have been able to secure discounts, rebates, and admission to purchasing groups. Provided that, we have been able to do so due to our level of buying volume. These discounts have provided large savings to many medical practices across the country.

Significantly, Group Buyers Club and Group Purchasing Organizations offer a great means to cost-savings. They use the volume of their groups to arrange better discounts and benefits for those who are involved. Your practice can blend your purchases into a group or network that offers better benefits than you could find as an individual. This happens even if you buy on a small level! Group Purchasing Organizations and buying networks allow you and your practice to benefit from the volume purchases of your group members. The best part is that some of these buying networks will offer membership at no cost to you!

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Real Client Stories

“We loved working with Mara and Jay! They are both very professional and helpful in all aspects of our practice. They quickly became not only part of our team, but part of our Pierini Family.”

Angelica Pierini, CAC VI

Administrator & Marketing Director, Pierini Esthetic, Doral, FL

“Jay and Mara are a dynamic duo. Their understanding of the inner workings of medical practices is second to none. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with others and are willing to help. You will never question their integrity nor intentions as both are pure. I especially love their ability to break down complex inner-office needs into simple, process-driven systems that help practices thrive.”

Chad Erickson

VP of Marketing and Business Development, Advice Media

“I have worked with Jay and Mara for years. I consider both to be colleagues and friends. Both are the consummate professionals and deliver substantive value. Both go the extra kilometer for their clients. Strike that, the extra mile, and beyond.”

Jeffrey Segal, M.D., J.D.

Attorney, CEO & Founder, Medical Justice Services, Inc., Dental Justice / eMerit, Partner: Byrd Adatto

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