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The Aesthetic Academy 2019 (California)

This fall, take the steps to improve and grow your practice.  Join Mara Shorr and Jay Shorr as they speak at The Aesthetic Academy 2019  where “medical aesthetic trends, techniques, and technologies converge”!


By attending this immersive two-day program medical professionals like you will not only be educated on the latest innovations in the aesthetics industry but will also gain the knowledge from our father-daughter team that is so needed for  your medical business to run smoothly, save money, increase revenue and enhance patient satisfaction.


We are so excited and thrilled that our award-winning consulting experts will be lecturing at this event precisely to help you strengthen and boost your practice!


Mara and Jay Shorr will be educating you on the following important topics:

  • The Top 6 Negotiating Tips EVERY Business Person Should Know
  • Top 10 Tips to Becoming a Better Leader in Your Practice


We are so excited to participate at this event and welcome you there!


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Get Your Savings! Register Here!



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