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Global Aesthetics Conference 2019

Plan on joining us Thursday, October 31 through Sunday, November 3, 2019 in Miami, FL at the 3rd Global Aesthetics conference! This wonderful meeting will hold multiple sessions and tracks over the course of 3 ½ days, and will provide over 31 hours of CME.


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The Global Aesthetics well known, state-of-the-art Practice Management track will offer attendees business tips, marketing/branding ideas, and web site & social media updates. This means it will be great to bring your entire staff to Miami Beach! Here you and your team will have the opportunity to learn, have fun, and most importantly bring new ideas back to your office to increase your business and improve your practice!


Our partners Jay Shorr and Mara Shorr will be contributing to this top-of-the-line marketing track, and will be sharing their professional business management knowledge with you. As a practice owner, there may be places where you feel stuck in your medical office and are not seeing the fruitfulness of the hard work you are putting forth. You may even feel stressed out. The good news is, this is where our consulting experts guidance comes in to save the day and gives you the direction and knowledge you need to not only resolve issues in your practice, but make it prosper so it reaches its optimal performance!


Jay and Mara Shorr will be lecturing on the following important topics for your  practice’s success:

  • Top 10 Ways To Save Money In Your Practice: 10:00am, Thursday, October 31st, Jay A. Shorr, BA, MBM-C, CAC I-XIV
  • 10 Ways Your Staff Can Credential Your Business: 3:40pm, Thursday, October 31st, Mara Shorr, BS, CAC II-XIV
  • Mystery Shopping – What Does It Reveal About Our Offices? 5:00pm, Thursday, October 31st, Mara Shorr, BS, CAC II-XIV
  • 1 + 1 = 3: Collaboration Is Better Than Competition: 2:20pm, Friday, November 1st, Jay A. Shorr, BA, MBM-C, CAC I-XIV
  • Dealing With The Difficult Patient – Is This Becoming More Of A Problem? What Role Does Social Media Play? How Does The Difficult Patient Differ From The Unhappy Patient?: 2:40pm, Friday, November 2nd, Mara Shorr, BS, CAC II-XIV


If you attend the lectures you’ll also notice our partner Jay Shorr will be moderating! Here are his sessions:

  • Thursday, October 31: 8:00am – 10:00am
  • Friday, November 1: 2:00pm – 4:15pm


See the full agenda for Global Aesthetics here!


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This will SAVE you:

$109.50 for Physician (MD, DO) tickets!

$99.50 for Advanced Provider (PA, NP) tickets!

$89.50 for Clinical Staff (RN, LVN, LPN, OFFICE STAFF) tickets!


We love helping you save money and hope you enjoy your discounts!


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