From a patient’s point of view, we’ve all been there: we made an appointment months ago, and then the time comes and you’ve simply forgotten about it.  Life gets busy, you get a last minute phone call… and the dog ate your homework.  An honest mistake!  Hey, life happens!

Now, shift back to a medical practice’s perspective: the problem with this is you’re losing revenue for every patient that forgets about their appointment and results in a no-show.  You lose money not simply because they didn’t show up, but you had someone in that spot when you could have had another patient who could’ve made it.

How can these no-show appointments be stopped you ask?

We’re proud to offer a few simple solutions.  Click here to read more from Mara Shorr, partner and vice president of marketing and business development with Shorr Solutions, as she shares her years of expertise on the importance of patient follow up and different techniques you can use to reach out to them in American Society of Cosmetic Physicians Newsletter.

Looking for a few software suggestions?  Click here for information on one of our colleagues, Solutionreach.