BREAKING NEWS! Jay Shorr Has Been Appointed to the Board of Directors at Memorial and Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundations!

We are thrilled to announce that our CEO and Founder, Jay Shorr, has been appointed to the Board of Directors at Memorial Foundation and Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation!

Healthcare Excellence: Memorial Foundation and Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation

Since its establishment in 1953, Memorial Healthcare System has consistently led the way in delivering top-notch healthcare services to the residents of South Florida. Advancing healthcare to cater to community needs, Memorial Healthcare System stands out as one of the largest public healthcare systems nationwide and includes the Memorial Foundation and Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation under it’s extensive network of healthcare organizations. Renowned for its exceptional patient- and family-centered care, Memorial Healthcare System offers an experience that is truly distinctive. With patient, physician and employee satisfaction rates among the highest in the nation, the system is widely acknowledged as a premier leader in quality healthcare.

Founded in 1981, the Memorial Foundation serves as the cornerstone for philanthropic endeavors in support of the Memorial Healthcare System. With a focused dedication to enhancing healthcare services for the community, the Foundation serves as the primary conduit for charitable contributions. Guided by a volunteer Board of Directors composed of esteemed business, community leaders, and physicians, the Foundation meticulously oversees all operational facets, ensuring impactful and effective support for healthcare initiatives.

In a like manner, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital with Memorial Healthcare System stands as a powerful beacon of hope for South Florida families, providing cost-free pediatric care for children suffering minor illnesses to complex medical cases in a comforting environment. Since its establishment in 1992, the hospital has grown to become a leader in pediatric healthcare, boasting cutting-edge technology and a diverse team of board-certified specialists. With expansions in 2011 and 2022, they now offer 216 beds to meet the community’s needs. From humble beginnings, they have continually expanded their services to better serve the community.

Jay’s Philanthropic Journey at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital

Jay, along with Shorr Solutions, has been a tremendous supporter of Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital playing an instrumental role with the Conine Clubhouse in raising charitable donations to assist in pediatric care, and will continue to do so through various fundraising events along with his wife Patricia and their family charitable foundation. Some of the events he has been part of include the annual Diamond Angels fundraising event and the Conine’s All-Star Golf Classic, among many others. The millions of dollars Jay and Pat have been able to raise in contributions have aided the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in offering cost-free pediatric care, from minor illnesses to complex medical cases. Families at the hospital are not billed for treatment, housing, or meals, easing the financial strain and enabling them to focus on their child’s well-being. In October 2023, Jay was appointed to the Conine Clubhouse committee at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital and in March 2024, he has been appointed to the Board of Directors.

This announcement marks a significant achievement for Jay, recognizing his dedicated charitable efforts and reflecting his unwavering commitment and passion for giving back. The entire Shorr Solutions team is incredibly proud of him and we join in celebrating this milestone. Jay’s philanthropic endeavors are deeply rooted in his compassion for others. Those who know him understand that he possesses a remarkable ability to connect with people from all walks of life and is always eager to mentor and educate. Congratulations to our company’s leader for his outstanding contributions as a mentor, coach and philanthropist!

In the above graphic (left to right):

  • Don Eachus, Director of Development, Memorial Foundation and Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation
  • K. Scott Wester, President and CEO, Memorial Healthcare System
  • Jay Shorr, CEO & Founder, Shorr Solutions | Member of Board of Directors, Memorial and Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundations
  • Kevin Janser, Senior Vice President, Memorial Healthcare System | President, Memorial and Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundations

To learn more about Jay Shorr and his professional career, click here!

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