Top Ways You’re Losing Patients/Clients

We both know that you don't mean to lose patients/clients and you don't intentionally do certain things to bring about this outcome. However, it happens and it may even be [...]

Simplified Spa: Top Ways to Use Technology in Your Business

We are amazed by all of the marvelous technology available to us in this day and age and all that we can do with it! The trick, however, is to [...]

How To Maintain Productivity and Positivity

Let’s face it, maintaining a positive attitude is essential in any line of work. It’s the difference between having a wonderful day and terrible day. Therefore, when your staff member [...]

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How To Give Your Clients the Correct First Impression

Your receptionist is your director of first impressions. If a patient or client situation is involved, your team should always be aware of how they behave. Ultimately, they are the [...]

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How to Spot the Top 5 Items You Can Negotiate

There are certain aspects of owning a medical practice that just come with the territory, like leasing (or buy) office lease, credit card processing fees and purchasing office supplies, just [...]

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How To Save Money In Your Medical Practice

You’re spending... and spending... and spending like it's going out of style. Whether we’re talking about credit card processing fees or simply restocking supplies for your office, EVERYTHING has a [...]

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