Top Ways You’re Losing Patients/Clients

We both know that you don't mean to lose patients/clients and you don't intentionally do certain things to bring about this outcome. However, it happens and it may even be [...]

How To Handle Difficult Patients and Difficult Clients

You’ve been there before: you take on a new patient or client, and the next thing you know, you're dealing with a negotiator, a hypochondriac, a non-compliant patient, or... well, [...]

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How to Deal With Negative Feedback Online

Social Media. As a practice administrator, doctor, aesthetician, nurse practitioner, physicians assistant or a surgeon, you take pride in your work and the work of your office. Whether it’s giving [...]

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Wedding Photos, Marketing Tips and Breast Cancer Awareness

Content on our blog has been slower than normal; blame that on catching up after a full calendar of spring and summer of conferences, traveling to see clients across the [...]

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