Our Family’s Story: How We Started “Shorr Solutions”

One of the most common questions Jay and I get is: How did Shorr Solutions get started?

Honestly, it’s a longer story than one might think, but it’s important to remember that Shorr Solutions is a family-owned and operated consulting company. Jay Shorr serves as the company’s founder, while his daughter, Mara Shorr, is now a full partner in the company. (We know what you’re thinking, and we get this question ALL the time: we’re father-daughter, not husband and wife!)

Jay started out as a trauma medic, but went on to spend decades in corporate America before “retiring” to work for his wife, Dr. Janee Steinberg, a board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon in South Florida. He served as the practice administrator and vice president of operations for nearly a decade, and the husband and wife team brought the single-office operation to its multi-office, multi-million dollar peak by 2011. Over the years, Jay began attending industry conferences, and soon realized the industry then lacked a strong practice management component. His attendance turned into a presence on the lecture circuit, and that presence led to a side business in the practice management consulting world.

Which sounds great. Right?

On Thanksgiving week of 2011, Dr. Steinberg was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.

What happened with the medical practice is an entirely separate story, but ultimately, Jay did what any husband would do: made the first priority working to save his wife’s life.

Mara, who at the time had her own marketing company based in Orlando, stepped in to assist the practice with its marketing efforts and work on a few odds and ends to continue to move Jay’s then-side hustle forward.

Dr. Steinberg’s health was our first priority, and we’ve both agreed, year’s later, that we wouldn’t change one single thing about our actions in 2012.

She passed away on June 11, 2012, and while Jay took the time to grieve that summer, Mara got to work, and gave Jay a shoulder to cry on.

In the months that followed, Mara lined Jay’s freezer with meals for the now widower, gave him a shoulder to cry on by the coffee pot, and stocked up on writing assignments and booking conferences (you can always see where we’ll be here) to give Jay a place to lecture when he was ready.  That October, Jay got started back on the lecture circuit, and a few years later, Mara would join him. One client turned into two, which turned into four, and now, years later, we’re a national, award-winning company. (Check out information on that here and here.)

We turned our family’s tragedy into helping you with your continued success. That’s what makes us different: that we’ve been in the trenches, and we know what our clients are going through every step of the way. We’ve been there before, a hundred times over.

Although we miss her, Shorr Solutions has turned from a small side project into a booming business. It continues to amaze us.

Jay’s passion for assisting medical practices has turned into full-time careers that both of us love.

We combine our two backgrounds which brings a unique blend of strengths to the table. This happens when we work with the press, write for industry publications, speak at industry conferences, and work with our clients.

We give this business our all and you’ll see that.

So whenever you’re ready, we would love to work with you!  Connect with us here.

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