In today’s world, technology rules everything. You’re in constant contact with family and friends regardless of locations and time difference. You utilize technology in your personal life on a regular basis. Have you considered how to make your medical practice tech-savvy as well?

Why have your receptionist use paid time to call a patient for their appointment reminder when you can program your software to do this automatically? Usage of various programs and software within your practice can be the difference between a no-show appointment or a happy client or patient referring a friend.

Want to learn more about the different ways to ensure you’re using your technology to its fullest extent?

Check out our article in Modern Aesthetics magazine, “Technology Rocks,” written by our own Jay and Mara Shorr, as they expel their years of knowledge on how to utilize various technology to ensure you’re optimizing your practice’s performance. Click here to read more from our experts themselves.

Technology in your business