Social media.  It’s the one aspect of the internet (and your smart phone) that’s nearly impossible to escape.

While social media can be a successful way to keep in contact with family and friends, it also reveals a lot about a person.

Social media can reveal whether your potential employee will be someone you can trust or someone who will badmouth your practice if their employment is terminated.  It can also reveal simple qualities,  such as whether the poster uses correct grammar and whether or not they’re bragging about illegal activities.

Like we said, social media can reveal a lot about someone. The good, the bad, and the ugly that you should try and avoid at all costs.

Click here to read more from Jay Shorr, Certified Aesthetic Consultant as well as Founder and Managing Partner of Shorr Solutions, in Plastic Surgery Practice as her shares the importance of social media background checks and the red flags to look for in potential candiates.

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