As the medical director, practice administrator, or consultant of a cosmetic or aesthetic medical practice, plastic surgery center or medical spa, leadership is one of the most important qualities to hold.

Leader’s make it happen! They get things done! They motivate the people around them to do the very same thing!  As a leader, it’s imperative to communicate with those around you, and keeping the lines of communication open is crucial.  After all, to be a leader one must be innovative.

Remember you’re leading by example, and when your staff sees what you’re doing to face any challenge, they’ll rise to the occasion with the same dignity and innovation.

Does this sound the leader you are?  Or do you think you could use a refresher on leadership?

We’ve got you covered! Click here to read more from Jay Shorr, our founder and managing parter of Shorr Solutions, as well as a Certified Aesthetic Consultant, as he shares his 10 Shorr-Fire Ways to become a better leader in MedEsthetics magazine.

Of course, we’re more than happy to offer you customized coaching sessions to help YOU lead your medical practice to greatness!

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