At Shorr Solutions, we offer a variety of different programs that help our clients improve their efficiency and reduce their expenses.  From our credit card processing program to our text message reminder programwe work with a variety of companies that provide opportunities to improve the business operations and financial health of your medical practice.

Our financing program offers an alternative to CareCredit, allowing medical practices, medspas, spas, salons and more to access a patient and client financing program that’s affordable to you.

You now have the chance to offer your patients and clients an opportunity to finance their procedure for up to 18 months at 0% interest (credit permitting) and only pay a merchant discount fee on the average of 1.5 – 2% vs. the traditional 9% – 12%, a savings, on average, of $300 – $500 per procedure (based on procedures of $3000 – $5000).

It’s easy: simply contact us to sign up for your own custom URL, and for a low, one-time fee, we:

  • Maintain your customized webpage, complete with your practice/business name at the top.
  • Provide a customized marketing sheet for you to distribute to your clients and patients.
  • Provide customer service to your team if questions should arise.
After your link is created, your patient/client simply visits your customized URL, clicks on the button to apply and follows the easy steps to a 6-18 month INTEREST FREE financing program.
Once his/her card arrives in the mail, s/he brings it to your business and you process the payment just like you would any other credit card.  The only fees your business pays are, again, what you pay to run any other credit card.  (Looking to lower your credit card processing fees?  We can do that as well!)
We’ve saved practices thousands of dollars each year with this easy solution, and we’re happy to help you get started today!  Simply contact us to learn more.
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