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In our most recent episode of Shorr Solutions: The Podcast, “The Power of Positivity”, we are thrilled to have our amazing guest, Dr. Rich Castellano. As the established medical director of Imagelift, Dr. Castellano conveys how necessary it is to keep in contact with patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, the power of positivity, and why he started Practice Profitability, a three-day CME/CE conference. Tune in to find out how Dr. Castellano transformed his practice from being on the verge of bankruptcy to being a reputable practice generating over 4.5 million dollars in cosmetic revenue, all while harnessing the power of positivity.

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Welcome to Shorr Solutions: The Podcast. I’m your host, Mara Shorr. I’m a partner in the cosmetic and aesthetic medical practice management consulting company. Yes, Shorr Solutions. Listen up as I chat, converse, strategize and commiserate with special guests, influencers, friends and colleagues who are all in the cosmetic and aesthetic medical space too. it’s time to listen, learn, and get inspired. Welcome to Shorr Solutions: The Podcast!

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Mara Shorr

Thank you so much for joining us for another episode of Shorr Solutions: The Podcast! in this episode. I have with me is my special guest, Dr. Rich Castellano. Not only is Dr. Rich, as we lovingly call him, not only is Dr. Rich an award winning double board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He is also the medical director of ImageLift.

Now what Dr. Rich never keeps a secret was that his practice at one point was on the brink of bankruptcy, and he transformed his business into a really replicable step by step system that generated over 4.5 million in cosmetic revenue for his practice. And now ImageLift is an absolutely thriving practice in Tampa, Florida. In addition, Dr. Rich has written two books, is a national speaker, and has an entire event dedicated to the power of strong positivity and practice management skills in your medical practice.

Both myself and Jay Shorr, my father and business partner have been honored to speak at Practice Profitability M.D., as it’s called. We have worked with Dr. Rich in the past as a client and we are proud to call him a colleague and a friend. So Dr. Rich, thank you so much for joining on today’s episode of Shorr Solutions: The Podcast!

Rich Castellano

Thank you, Mara, for having me. And even though the world has turned upside down, it is a little bit more reassuring. If you can spend a little time with Mara Shorr, that does make things better. So I appreciate you having me on.

Mara Shorr

Oh, the feeling is mutual. And I know you and I were chatting for a few minutes before we hit the record button and finally said, You know what? This is all information we want packed into today’s podcast. So, yeah, we were talking about so many different things. But first, can you give everybody a brief snippet about your background, how you started in the medical field?

And just so everybody has a little bit of a background about your practice and then we can get into the extra juicy good stuff that we were talking about.

Rich Castellano

Yeah, so I’m a facial plastic surgeon. I’ve done over 4000 facelifts under local anesthesia, and most surgeons retire after 500 or 1000. I also have done over 10,000 syringes of filler injections. So we have a very busy practice. And as you mentioned, yes, we came near bankruptcy because I didn’t know how to run my business. Have you ever seen or met any doctors that have difficulty with their business?

Mara Shorr

Never, never, never.

Rich Castellano

And we turned it around. We figured out how to do that. And last year we did over 4.7 million in cosmetic revenue. And so now, of course, what’s ahead of us is tragedy, it’s terrible, it’s COVID, and this too, shall pass. So what we’ve been focusing on now is what did we do when the governor says, close your business, close your office?

Right. So normally most plastic surgeons and most doctors are like, okay, they’re just constantly obsessing about their practice and their patients and how they’re going to make it better and protect them from liability and do a good job and make money and take care of their team. And we think of nothing else other than this. And to say your office is closed? Right?

Now on top of that, listen, our heart goes out to the primary, to the doctors who are in the trenches and helping to flatten the curve. And thank goodness that the COVID peaks are coming. You know, there is less than what they had originally expected. I’m grateful for the stimulus package that’s coming through as well. And what do we do now?

Mara Shorr

Yeah, we’ve got no additional shock that, you know, this seemed to come out of nowhere for a lot of businesses. And it was fast and furious for a few weeks. And now that we’ve gotten over that initial shock, it’s the what am I supposed to do now? And you’ve come up with some really great strategies as far as because, you know, when you and I were talking a little bit and saying that most practices think either the practice is open or the practice is closed and that’s it.

So either you’re generating revenue and you’re going really, really strong or it’s goose eggs. And you were talking about some of the different concepts that you’re implementing right now in your practice so that it’s not all or nothing at this point. So let’s talk about some of these things that you’re you’re implementing.

Rich Castellano

Yeah. So there’s absolutely things you can and must do now that your practices are closed, you must do these things and if you want our checklist you can go to So that’s I’ve got some videos you can download the checklist and I’m going to go through some of that content and even share even more than what we shared there.

So that’s a checklist you can have. And my goal for our podcast is talking about why you need to call your patients right now. Top seven Reasons. You got to Call Patients how we’re doing webinars and virtual consultations in online shopping carts for plastic surgery. Those are the three main things I’m going to talk about to bring in revenue.

So even though this will be the third week our office is closed, which just saying that out loud, my heart is breaking, right? It’s awful. And of course, you know, thank goodness, hopefully things are continue to turn on the COVID. There’s a lot of tragedy there. But and the world is going to move on past this. And we we have to say what is next?

So in our practice, our patients need us. These are the reasons why you need to be calling your patients right now. Number one, patients need us. They’re depressed, they’re confused, they’re bored, they’re agitated. We are a beacon of light in their lives, even if they’re not going to do a treatment. Now, I tell this to people, and one of the first things I’ll say, well, they say, well, that’s tone deaf or inappropriate to sell plastic surgery at a time like this.

We’re just reaching out and checking, Hey, how are you doing? Everything okay? Haven’t seen you in a while. Just wanted to update your information. Glad you’re doing well. Good to connect with you. And then when we’re done with the conversation. Oh, by the way, we have some stimulus package special if you’re interested. Not everybody’s interested, but a lot of people are.

In fact, the first week we were closed, we brought in $40,000 in revenue, not doing any treatments. People were making deposits on surgery. They were buying our bundled package. You can go to and see what we were selling. And we’re e-blasting it for our webinar, doing all these things so people are buying. Now, you got to remember, Disney is closed. Broadway is closed.

Mara Shorr

Oh yeah, and we’re here in… I’m in central Florida and then Orlando and family members that work at Disney. And I mean, that’s a massive a massive hit when you talk about this massive industry that is suddenly closed down. And if they’re doing it, we’re certainly a small business owners, not the only ones.

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Mara Shorr

Dr. Rich, can you elaborate a little bit more? Because even outside of COVID and even outside of the COVID issues you and I talk a lot about and you talk in all of the forums in which you speak, both in different meetings across the country. When you have your practice profitability live event, then you talk about the power of really having your team pick up the phone and make those outbound calls.

And this isn’t cold calling. So I want everybody to remember, this isn’t a cold call. You’re calling your patients and these are your patients. They have trusted you with their face. So again, we have this warm relationship, this hot relationship. Dr. Rich, can you talk a little bit about who on your team is making the phone calls at this point?

So are you the one that’s doing that? Do you have a team member or two that’s helping you at this point? How are you going about doing that?

Rich Castellano

Absolutely. Great question. So, yeah, and to follow up, what I was saying is Disney is closed and Broadway is closed. Plastic surgeons, you’re the greatest show on Earth right now. I mean

Mara Shorr

I love that

Rich Castellano

Revlon built the cosmetic industry during the Depression. Right. We’re going to get through this. We’re going to do the right thing. We’re going to do social distancing.

And we have a responsibility to our patients, to our employees. So you got to get on the phones now. How are we doing it? And I’m going to talk about the how. Let me finish with the why. So number one reason you need to call patients need you. You’re a beacon of light for them. Don’t forget that, because that will inspire you to make that call.

Number two reason why you must be calling your patients. No one else is reaching out to them right now. Doctors offices have laid off or furloughed employees. If you are calling your patients, you are setting yourself so far above and beyond the competition. So just remember that is valuable in the patient’s eyes because they may have a question and some of them are saying they can’t wait to get out of their house, so they’re ready.

So do what no one else is doing. And that’s good to get your business back on track. Number three reason that we need to be calling our patients right now. It’s a small investment for a large ROI. Now, for my team, we didn’t make the decision. We kept everyone on staff. We’re filing for PPP loans and file your SBA loans.

You certainly need to do all of those things right? Talk to your accountant, talk to your attorney. But for the cost of a minimum, cost of 1500 dollars or $4,000 a month, you can have at least one or two staff right now calling your patients part time or full time. Now, if they’re averaging ten calls an hour, emails, text, not spam calls, and you get a good script and a good list, your top 500 spenders, your surgery patients for the past year or two or three filler patients, you know your online leads.

Give them a list to call, email or text. They can make 30 or 50 phone calls in a day or a 150 to 250 calls per week. That’s 600 to 1000 calls per month. You get 40 patients to spend $500. That’s $20,000 or 20 patients spend $500. That’s 10,000. Any bit matters more than zero. So your option is calls versus no calls.

It’s well worth the investment to engage your team and engage your patients during this time of need. So that’s number three reason. Number four reason, following on that, this will keep your staff engaged. And even if you have furloughed your team and you’re going to call them back up and say, okay, I filed for PPP or here’s my plan moving forward, you have to do it at some point when you decide, hopefully sooner rather than later to bring a staff or two or all your staff back on, keep them engaged by hitting the phones.

The sooner you start team building, the sooner the business is going to grow. Number five reason that you’ve got to call your patients now when the doors open, there’s going to be pent up demand. Patients are going to be beaten down the doors and you want to avoid delays or cancellations. Be proactive, meet the patients where they are.

Right. You don’t want to get behind this curve. So the pent up demand will be there. People are going to be spending. They’re going to have their stimulus checks. They’re going to have their stimulus package. Right. Remember, Revlon built the cosmetics industry during the Depression. They’re going to want to feel good about themselves. They’re stressed and frustrated. They will invest in themselves, especially when they’re your own patients.

It’s not cold calling. It’s activating your existing list or leads that reach out.

Mara Shorr

This is not cold calling. And I think that I said that before, but it’s really important for everyone to understand this is not cold calling. This is your trusted audience. So it’s just a matter of are you waiting for your friend to call or will you reach out and call your friend? They are all welcome and excited to hear from you and Dr. Rich not to cut you off, but you also said something that I really want to touch on is when you think about your team that you’re still paying your team and still have employed them to do this right, to make these phone calls and talking about you’re making

the investment in them. Right. And you and I always talk about the difference of cost versus investment. And this is an investment in your practice right?

Rich Castellano


Mara Shorr

Because you actively have them working on this.

Rich Castellano

Yeah. You got to invest in your team. I mean, the one tool you have to grow your business is your team. I may take great care of my patients, but I actually don’t take very good care of my patients If I don’t have my team. My team makes me as good as I am. My team makes me as effective as I am.

So invest in the team for sure. You got to do that.

Mara Shorr

We talk about that too. With Shorr Solution, we feel the same way. Absolutely.

Rich Castellano

It’s investing in yourself when you invest in your team is the greatest investment you’ll ever make because you definitely get the ROI So calling patients, right, They need us. No one else is reaching out to them. Small investment for a larger ROI, keeping the staff engaged, meeting that pent up demand. It’s going to be there. Don’t fall behind sixth reason we have to call our patients: You can start wait listing them and start your move up list or you can even schedule them say, Look, we know we’re going to be open in three or four weeks or you can guesstimate, give them a schedule day, get them engaged, and then if you’ve got to move that date, you move it. But at least engage them by putting them on a move up list or scheduling them.

And last but not least, reason you absolutely need to call your patients now, the economy is going to be bolstered by the stimulus package no matter what has happened. 2008, the Great Depression, the economy bounces back. And even if it takes time, whether it’s sooner or later, you don’t have to wait for that. You can start building your economy right now.

So we build up the economy one small business at a time, one transaction, one facelift, one filler syringe. But you’re investing in the emotional economy of this patient. You’re investing in your team, you’re investing in yourself. And we have a business obligation to run our businesses well, to not go out of business, to make money, to make a profit and pay our taxes.

The economy will be bolstered by the stimulus package. So you just got to start making phone calls. So then to your question of what how did we do that? Because you said, what are you doing, Doctor, to get these calls going?

Mara Shorr

And who on your team is is doing that, too. So in other words, do you have like I said, is that you? Is that anybody that you currently have on your team and how do you know that they are given other words? I’m assuming that you’re giving them a script, basically, or at least some bullet points of first, you ask them this, then you speak with them.

In other words, first you check in and see how they’re doing. You don’t just call and say, Hi, this is Dr. Rich. We’re having a special Please buy it. That is not how that script is meant to go. So are you at this point, are you providing them with bullet points and talk to me about how you’re doing that with your team.

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Rich Castellano

Yeah, we have a script and I have 20 staff, so we’ve made them all virtual. Not last. On April 1st, I did my group coaching call with our doctors all across the country and they have all differing sizes and practices. But even my doctor who has two staff, she’s making up some phone calls herself with her team and they’re bringing in thousands of dollars every day.

So whether you have one or two staff or whether you have 20, this works. So what did we do for my staff of 20 was first we made the decision we’re going to keep them on as long as possible. I decided how much money I would be investing to keep them on. And now hopefully we’re getting that PPP program in the next week or so.

We’ve been aggressive about that. Now, then we made the decision, okay, what equipment does the team need to have a virtual workspace? They got to clear a room or they have to clear a space where there’s going to be few distractions, you know, that their pets or kids don’t bother them as much. It’s at home. It’s not a full time virtual workspace, but they got to make do, make sure they’ve got a computer, make sure they have a phone or an IP phone or a way to access patients through our phone system.

And then they need access to our database. So once you decide, Make a list, what is your team need to be virtual, then you got to test it and say, okay, you’re virtual today. Do their phone work. Is their Internet provider working? Because when my team was accessing, we use Nextech and when they’re actually accessing Nextech from home, they were having some IP issues.

We had to go in Nextech for IP support, for tech support. And that was of course, a little bit of a you know, took a little extra time. Don’t we all just love being on tech support? That’s our favorite thing to do it. So my wife, at the end of the day, honey, I was on tech support for an hour today.

Mara Shorr

Oh, right, right. The other thing better than that right now is being on the phone with a bank or credit card or with the government trying to find out loan information. So it’s all up there. You know, when we talk about having a computer or having a phone, what you do also want to make sure and we say this to all of our clients, all the practices we work with is that there are measures being put into place to make sure that you are still really adhering to guidelines regarding HIPAA so that there is still the security put in place.

So for example, if you share a you know, if you’re either in a spare room, maybe you’re sharing an office with a roommate or a spouse at this point and there or there is somebody that could walk by when you have your EMR up, right? So you want to make sure that you are closing out as soon as you are no longer in that space, you’re closing out the EMR system so that even somebody that you live with doesn’t see that you want to make sure that you have that two step authentication and two step verification on your phone.

If you’re checking information on the phone, you still want to make sure you’re protecting patient data, even though you’re in a home setting, making sure, for example, that if you have little ones at home, that they don’t come walk by the computer and bang on the keys and all of a sudden there’s X, Y, Z exclamation point put into Susie Smith’s chart.

So it’s keeping in mind that this still needs to have the compliance level of a workplace, even if you’re working from home. So keep those things in mind. Absolutely.

Rich Castellano


Mara Shorr

They can be working from home, they certainly can be. So now that your team is working from home, knowing that, look, we are in an ideal world, there isn’t a child that screams in the background or a cat meows, but we all know this is a weird different time, right? So we all we’re all a little more flexible than we normally would be.

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Mara Shorr

So how are you then, Dr. Rich? I guess just touching on the management side of this, how are you monitoring what it is that they’re doing? How is your team logging productivity, making sure that everybody isn’t calling? Because when you have 20 people calling patients, how do you know that they’re calling different people? Are you the one pulling those lists?

Let’s talk about just the systematic for a minute.

Rich Castellano

Wow, That’s a great question. And to your point about being HIPAA compliant when you’re at home, like I said, we use Nextech. So their server is secure, HIPAA compliant. And Nextech is always kicking me out. Like if I’m off for a certain amount of time, I got to log back in. So they’re always good with that.

And even the process of doing virtual consultations, which we’ll touch on, you know, you can send Dropbox folders. One of the consultants we work with and told us it’s HIPAA secured if you send a Dropbox folder and they can put folder pictures into that folder. And as long as no one else has access to that folder, that’s a HIPAA secured way.

So always check with the consultants, whatever your process is, run your process by your consultants so that they can look at it and say, Yes, I like that, or here’s where potential weaknesses. So so yes, we’re covering the bases with HIPAA. Now to your question, how are we managing our team now once we’ve got them home? Now we need to set an expectation.

So we’ve been doing team meetings. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are on either nine or 10:00 in the morning and everybody gets on a Google Hangout and and we have to rally the troops. We got to charge them up, pump them up, get them going, because, you know, the team and staff, they’re freaking out, too, right? They’re trying to get their paper and their food supplies and all of these things in their family.

And they may have an elderly family member that they’re worried about. So we have to keep some normalcy in their lives. So we do the team meetings and then we have a list of things for each of them to do. Now, my managers, Thomas and Mindy, they are touching base frequently with the team, making sure, how many calls are you doing now when it comes to making outbound calls or sales calls or sales effort?

One of the tools that I love and this is my personal favorite and I do it almost every day, it’s called The Moment of Truth. Now, when you when you have teams that are making calls and the number is, you know, it’s always the same question, end of the day, hey, how many calls do we make and what’s the purpose of calls?

We want to book appointments. We want to generate revenue. So that’s the moment of truth. So what I do with my team, what I would find is I would ask my team, even before COVID, I would ask them, Hey, how how are the calls going today and what would they do? They always did the same thing. They told me a story.

They said, Well, I made a lot of calls. I was really busy, really good call with Mrs. Jones. Okay, great. And in my mind, I wanted to know one thing. How many calls did you make and what was your revenue? Now, I’m not just there to be to take down their spirit and say, No, no, no, don’t tell me about your story, I don’t want to hear anything.

Just number of calls and revenue, You know, it’s got to go with the flow. But ultimately, we want them to say, I made this number of calls and I brought in this much revenue. So what I found is every time I answered, they would always tell me that story. So what I did, I do, I printed up a document, had five lines on it, really big font.

In the first line, it says Moment of truth. And then the second line, it says, Number of calls today with that blank line after it. The third line says revenue today with a blank line after it. So I’ll go to my care advisors and I’d say, Hey guys, and I’ll be having fun and smiling and like, guess what?

It’s moment of truth that pull out that paper. I would show them the paper and then I would just point to the first line. I said, Are you ready for the moment of truth? You know, egg them on and have fun and say, Are you sure you can handle the moment of truth? I like, here it is. So boom, I show them, they look at it and they say, Huh?

And say, Hey, how many calls did you make today? Right? And if it was the beginning of the day, I would say how many calls you make yesterday. And they would say, Oh, let me see. I made 15 or 20 calls. So a good number. Okay, good. You made that number. And I would say congratulations, Way to go.

And I say, okay, how much revenue did you bring in and say, Oh, I brought in 5000 or 10,000 or I didn’t bring any revenue in today. I’m like, okay, so how about today? How many calls you going to make today? And I just point to that line, that physical act of pointing to a line that says what calls are you going to make today with the blank after it?

They say, I’m going to make 20 calls today, like, okay, all right, let’s go for it. Here we go. And then how about revenue? How much revenue you think you’re going to bring in today? Say I’m going to shoot for 12,000 in revenue or whatever I’m going to shoot for. So I never tell them that’s a wrong number.

I try and charge them up and cheer them on. Now they know generally we try to bring in 32,000 revenue every day before COVID. Now we’re trying to bring in 9000 revenue every day just to keep up with bills and payroll and things like that.

Mara Shorr

That’s across the practice. That’s not per team member, Correct. Are you looking at.

Rich Castellano

Across the whole practice. Now, team members, we have three sales advisors now. I have clinical team, they don’t my clinical team, they’re not selling, but they’re reaching out, following up and they’re booking appointments. So why do I bring this up? The moment of truth. It allows you to if you’re not asking a number, the mind is going to make up a story.

And it’s so tempting to to remember we did better than we actually did. We just put a number out there. That way they can see it. And if they say, you know, my number was low, you’re not telling them it’s low, They know it’s low. And then they say, not me. Go for a high number today.

Mara Shorr

And the numbers don’t lie. That’s the thing. The numbers don’t lie. And they’re looking at their own numbers right in front of them. And one thing that and you know this you know Jay very well, Jay. Obviously, everybody, my father and business partner, I talk about him all the time. And so you know Jay very well as well.

And so we always talk about facts versus opinion. And so it’s not a matter of their opinion is, oh, they did well today or they didn’t do well today. They’re looking at the numbers, They’re looking at the facts. Right. And of course, you have and you go over with them. This is what a good day is. This is what a not so great day is.

They know that a goose egg you having a seeing a zero on that page, everybody knows that’s not a good day when there’s zero phone calls or $0 in revenue. So that’s why it’s important to go over some of those benchmarks with the team, but also looking at facts versus opinion. And this helps to really put some facts into place that are right there. They’re right on that piece of paper.

Rich Castellano

And they stated the facts Right. And I never punish them for goose eggs. You know, it’s like, oh, you got a goose egg. I’m like, okay. Because immediately I assume they were working hard. They were doing something. I always think the best I always expect the best of them because look, sometimes you’re on a patient, call for a few hours or something comes up or they had a consult or whatever it was, or if they, you know, maybe they just had a headache or they had a personal issue, they had to attend to.

But whatever it is, at least they can face their numbers. The moment of truth is one of the most important games you will ever play with your team in your practice, because we all need daily accountability and it’s a way to cheer people up and say, okay, go get them and see how we can get those 20 calls.

And then by the day, the moment of truth, the next day, maybe they need 22 or 25 calls. Wow. Where to go? Well, I shop for ten can revenue. I brought in 17. Oh, give me five. That’s amazing. We’ll have to do it. Air high five nowadays from six feet away.

Mara Shorr

I know. A good wave. A good wave on Google maps.

Rich Castellano

So that is how I engage my team now. Even though my sales team, my clinical team, they’re not selling, they’re still making phone calls. So collectively, the team has been making hundreds of calls and every week, every day, every week I’m talking to them saying, What do you guys think? Do you think we can bump up our calls a little bit more?

Let’s really go for it. Let’s try it. We make it the competition, gamify it so these are our outbound calling effort. Now, even when they’re doing that, then what are we doing? Well, we’re now we’re trying to engage them with, Hey, let’s get you into our system. Let’s get your email into our email list. Let’s we’ve got a virtual webinar coming up and virtual consultations.

So that’s the other way. We’ve been engaging patients, our virtual webinars and our virtual consultations.

Mara Shorr

I wanted to circle back on something that you mentioned and anybody that’s ever met you in person, anybody that’s ever seen you on a webinar or spoken with you over the phone, knows that you truly exude. Not only do you don’t just believe you exude the power of positivity, right? And you were talking about the power of positivity in your team.

You are one of the most positive people that I know and you have when we’re out and about and you, it’s always such a pleasure to speak with you because I can’t help but feel better about myself and my day just by spending time with you. And it’s just it’s always such a treat. I know when we have a call on the calendar, whether it’s and it can even be just to talk about something work related.

It could be just a high five and a hug at a conference. But any time is always spent like that in such a positive nature.

00:28:11:05 – 00:38:02:04

Mara Shorr

How did you come to be such a positive person and how have you found that that’s made a difference in your practice?

Rich Castellano

Yeah, well, I just I do it for completely selfish reasons. I just like to feel good. It just feels good to smile and I love making people happy. And if somebody is unhappy, I’m really good at making them happy. And my secret is just to be grateful for the things that I have got. May sound silly, but people don’t do it.

And there’s always… could always be better, could always be worse. And if I give myself the opportunity to truly be present right, like right now we’re doing this podcast. Mara Shorr, what an amazing, remarkable person she is. The hard work she puts in, the practices she works to develop value in and she stimulates their economies. What is special person If I’m present with that, that makes me smile and that makes me happy.

And every person you meet has something deeply special about them if you take the time to be present with them.

Mara Shorr

So true.

Rich Castellano

And in our world, we’re so busy, we got a lot of things to do. I am talking to this person. But you know what? I got to leave in a few seconds. So let me wrap up this conversation. But if you really take the time to be present with your patients, be present with your team. All right. I have single moms who work for me, and people have gone through all sorts of life circumstances and divorce and loss of a family member and things that just bring tears to your eyes.

But if you just be present, say, you know what? This is a special person. Somebody raise them up and look at what they’re doing. They could be doing a lot worse things. Look at what they’re doing. They’re in our office working for us, or they’re coming in to do a treatment. And now they’ve been through a tough relationship and now they want to invest in themselves.

And that’s just beautiful. If you can be present with that beauty, it’ll make you smile and you get addicted to recognizing it in others and have the courage to point it out and say, you know, that’s really amazing. And people will tell me. They say, Oh, you’re just saying that. Say No, listen, you’re awesome. You That’s amazing what you’ve done.

People say, Really? Yes. We don’t give ourselves enough credit. We’re hard on ourselves. We are. But if you just take the time to be grateful and present with what you got, we’ve got the whole world. We have heaven on earth right now. So that makes me happy and excited. And especially considering, you know, people, they don’t smile that much.

People get seriously, especially with COVID and everything going on. Listen, I’ve already told you. I’ll say it again. I’m depressed. I’m having panic attacks. I wake up at night, right. I’m stressed out, I’m frustrated. But I got to build myself up. I got to do my exercise. I did my 300 burpees this morning. I spend time with my family.

When I’m done with this podcast, I’m going to go play ping pong with my son. And we have a good time doing that. And run around the house and goof off. So you just got to do what makes you smile because it carries on to other areas of your life. And if you don’t do that, it will also carry on to other areas of your life and it’ll bring your life down.

I don’t know about you. I mean, we only live once. I’m going to go for it. I want to have fun. We at a party and if somebody tells me I get to do a podcast with Mara Shorr, I’m like, This is great. I feel good to be me. That’s what makes me happy. And it grew my business and it turned my team around.

We were on the verge of bankruptcy and it built up my family. My marriage makes my kids amazing. So I’m addicted.

Mara Shorr

You know? And there are, I think, two key things related to positivity. And I’ve learned so much from you over the years. Gosh, we’ve known each other for probably seven years now. And, you know, you helped our family entering…

Rich Castellano

And in our former life too, former life.

Mara Shorr

Absolutely. Absolutely. You know, and you know, you met our family at an interesting time as we were, you know, Shorr Solutions, as was fairly new and very young when we started working together. As you know, as a company, we were fairly young. But with that, there’s a couple of things when it comes to the power of positivity that I’ve learned, and I would say both of them are fairly simple in regards to it’s that why were we doing this before?

And I think one is that if you smile at somebody, they can’t help but smile back. And so you can’t tell somebody to smile, You can’t you can’t talk to your staff and talk to your team and say you need to smile more. You need to smile more.

The quickest way to do that is to smile yourself and to lead by example, because smiles are contagious and so I am constantly smiling at our team. And obviously, you guys know listening to this podcast, you can hear over the phone, you can hear over the speakers if somebody is smiling or not, you would be able to hear a grumpy person.

So even if somebody is over the phone just to smile, but the other is that it doesn’t matter what the rest of your day entails when you’re walking in, whether it’s walking into the office first thing in the morning as a business owner, or whether it’s walking in to see a client or walking in to see a patient.

When you put your hand on that door, it is the taking that deep breath and then walking in with a smile because it doesn’t matter what happens 30 seconds even before that, or if a bird pooped on your head, or if you had a fight with the spouse.

None of that matters. All that matters is that interaction starts fresh with every single person. And so it was, you know, and all of that sounds obvious, but Dr. Rich, you literally your moment that you had taught us was when the hand goes on the doorknob. That’s it, right? It’s like that’s the reset moment.

Hand to doorknob, take a deep breath, and then you go in with the smile. It’s like almost a protocol for positivity.

Rich Castellano

Yeah, absolutely. Well, there’s there’s endless opportunity to be present, and our emotions control us. So often we don’t even think about it. We’re just triggered into a behavior pattern. If we take the time to be present with our emotions and let our emotions guide us and drive us rather than control us, well, that’s so powerful. And so I do it the other way around.

I ask myself, Well, how do I want my office to go today? I want to have an exciting day. I want to make people laugh. I want people to have fun. I want patients to have fun, to be energized. I want my team to really push for the numbers. So that’s I say, well, how do I have to be to make that happen in the office?

Well, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to march right into my office with my hands going up in the air, marching along, saying, Good morning, how are you? Oh, my God, are you so excited to get started? Here we go. Let’s do this. Look at that schedule. It’s so crazy. Now, if you’re listening to this, this is COVID times right now.

So this doesn’t resonate not resonate as much at this time, but is more important now than ever. Whatever you’re going to be doing, we need to be saying, okay, look, you know what has hit the fan, right? It’s it’s they’re going to get things under control. There may be a few more waves of COVID. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they get the vaccine now.

But you still got to be positive with the team. You still got to be able to say, hey, let’s make this work, because now if they’re on unemployment, you’ve got to get them off unemployment. You got to get them started because the government safety net is not going to be there forever. We are our own best safety net.

We need to stitch our own safety net because it’s way better than what the government has to offer. We can build on it. The government’s going to be going to be generous. So get to those things. Start making your phone calls and look, start setting up your webinars. I do three or four live seminars a month.

That’s shut down. I remember I was doing my webinar up in the Hilton Ocala, the seminar. I was doing my seminar there and I told my team, I’m like, okay, let’s start doing webinars. This is before we even thought that we might have to close the office. So let’s just start doing them. Because things were looking a little scary.

We started setting up for webinars. Sure enough, they closed the office. We had a webinar every Thursday, go to that’s You can register and you should and you should see what we do in our webinar. We share our story, we share our specials, we introduce you to the team you hear from our patient.

So this way patients, you’ll hear what patients are looking for to make their purchases to engage during these times when this too shall pass. So the webinars are great and then we have a call to action where we get them into a virtual consultation. Now you can do these virtual webinars on go to webinar or go to meeting right now.

And so go to webinar gives you a lot of flexibility. Patients are hopping on there easily, doesn’t… The costs to go to webinar? We use as either 100 or 150 a month. That’s a small price to pay for an online webinar. And since everybody’s at home, you might as well do three or four a month. And then when your office doors do open again, you should definitely do one every month or at least every two months.

Mara Shorr

You know, at one point I had a client ask me about the need for HIPAA compliance in a webinar format. So I just want to differentiate that. When we talk about webinars, that is purely for information gathering, that’s not a one on one with your patient.

Rich Castellano

We’re not taking any patient information into the webinar.

Mara Shorr

There is no patient information. This is not we’re not talking about a consult, so we’re not talking at this point about HIPAA compliance. We are purely talking about the people are gathering in mass to get in. That is just their information collection. And we’re not going over any sort of the actual patient data related to each and every patient.

So that is different than the platforms you would need for a virtual consult. So I just want to specify because sometimes I do get questions now more than ever. Honestly, during during the shutdown quarantine period, I get questions about that from some of our clients. So it’s a good opportunity just to bring that up.

00:38:04:00 – 00:44:11:12

Rich Castellano

Well, then let’s talk about that. So you’re doing your webinars and then you’re going to get a virtual consultation in, right? So in a virtual consultation, the simplest way you do virtual consultation, you do it over the phone. It’s still a virtual consultation. You don’t have to have video now, there are many video platforms out there that are you know, they can give you their details on HIPAA compliance and things of that nature encryption.

So if you want to do a video that’s HIPAA compliant, obviously zoom on for patient information. Everybody knows they’ve had security lapses. So you need to be cautious about I don’t recommend using Zoom for a virtual consultation, but you can still pick up the phone. You can have them. We had one of our you need to check in your local state guidelines, but one of our consultants we work with told us that a Dropbox folder, that’s a private folder, you can send that folder out, they can put pictures in and drop that.

They said that was a compliant way to get pictures. Or if you have a HIPAA compliant email software, you can have them send their pictures for a virtual consultation or using one of the many platforms out there. There’s quite a few. Do you guys, Mara, have a specific video platform that you guys like to use for virtual consults?

Mara Shorr

You know, there’s a couple out there, I’ve heard really great things about and so I think we I mean we don’t have an affiliate relationship with them so this is not an…

Rich Castellano


Mara Shorr

It’s D-O-X-Y- dot -M as in Mary – E, so is a good one and that is built for for virtual consults. So that’s what that’s actually built for and it’s built for telehealth. So and it’s relatively inexpensive. There’s a great waiting room function. You can send documents that way. So there’s you know, there’s many out there.

If you would have asked me previously, Zoom might have been on the list. But like you said, Dr. Rich, there’s been this hacking issue, so to speak, and in recent times. And so that’s one that perhaps makes sense now to steer away from, make sure that you are still having paperwork signed by your patients, just as you would with an inpatient or an in-person consult.

Rich Castellano

Yes, that is a privacy practice.

Mara Shorr

Exactly. Exactly. When it comes to emails, even when you are even when we’re out of COVID and even before COVID. But if we look forward, we always want to make sure that you do have a HIPAA compliant email address. And what I would say is that look into it. You can certainly check with your IT.

If you have an I.T. consultant that you work with, we’re happy to make some recommendations too. Certain pieces of software and certain solutions. Certain email providers will have a non HIPAA compliant version just because not everybody in the world needs HIPAA compliance. You know, if you’re working for a restaurant and you have a restaurant email, you know, where you sell cupcakes or paint cans, you don’t need HIPAA compliant emails.

But a lot of times it’s a matter of you may have to pay a couple dollars more per month per email address, but it’s worth it to make it HIPAA compliant, you know.

Rich Castellano

And so we would do it. Get your HIPAA compliance and do your phone calls, do your webinars, virtual meetings, because you can only watch Tiger King on Netflix so many times after that. We got to get back to work.

Mara Shorr

Exactly. And don’t get me wrong, I watch the full series. I have so many thoughts on Tiger King, but.

Rich Castellano

Across the street from me here in Tampa.

Mara Shorr

Oh, my goodness. So you’re in Carole Baskin territory?

Rich Castellano

Yeah, She lives not too far from where I live, too. So.

Mara Shorr

You are right. We need to! It’s like we need to get back to business. And what I’ve heard from so many, you know, 70 surgeons, so many people that work for a surgeon. So on the admin side, or if you’re working on the provider side or as a medical assistant, etc., you guys are doing, if you if that’s who you are and this falls under you, you’re doing what you do because you love to do it, you love your job and everyone should love their job.

I’m not saying that your job is the only thing you ever have in the world, but you should love what you do. You should want to smile when you go to work. And so you need to look at ways to get back to work as soon as everybody is able. And what makes sense for a practice is knowing that if they’re able to keep people on and looking at a note, Doctor Rich, you referenced PPP, that’s the Paycheck Protection Program.

Rich Castellano


Mara Shorr

And so just in case anybody doesn’t know what PPP means, but with that, you know, utilize, utilize your staff. So if you are keeping people on, utilize them in a way that is outside of maybe they’re not…

Rich Castellano

You got to keep them engaged. You’ve got to keep them busy.

Mara Shorr

So you do. And you know, right now our team and I’m so grateful because with Shorr Solutions, we have an amazing, I always say our team, right? We have an amazing team that works for us and it is the Dr. Rich, what we always say it’s yes and… right?

And I find that during an uncertain time, I have never said yes and more than I have right now, because we’re all figuring out a brand new way to do this. Right. It’s such uncharted territory. And so it is every team member. Their answer should be yes. And are you able to pick up the phone and make phone calls?

Well, I’m normally your medical assistant, but YES, I could do this AND I’m going to need some training AND I needed a script. AND can you show me how to do this? Because this isn’t something I normally do. So when we look at it’s not yes or no, it’s YES, AND… this is what your team needs to get the job done.

So, Dr. Rich, I wanted to touch and shift gears for just a minute because you have such an interesting, diverse spectrum of what it is and diverse portfolio right now of what it is that you’re working on. So not only do you have the medical practice, so not only do you have ImageLift in Tampa, but you also… and you have multiple locations.

But not only do you have ImageLeft, but you also have Practice Profitability and are truly a whole other type of entrepreneur when it comes to Practice Profitability.

00:44:12:07 – 00:52:16:13

Mara Shorr

So can you talk a little bit more about why you created Practice Profitability and how that’s able to help practices all times? But even now.

Rich Castellano

Yeah, well, thank you. And so I created Practice Profitability MD and you can look us up: or go to the COVID checklist: I created that because I enjoy these things. And you know, we talked about enjoying and loving what you do. Listen, it’s okay to not like what you do. If you don’t like your work, that’s fine.

That is now a powerful message for you to go find something that you do like! I don’t like this great, wonderful good news. Now you can go find something you do like. I love doing my cosmetic treatments, facelift and fillers. I love managing my team. I love that we were able to turn things around from a business point of view.

I learned that I became a better doctor when I understood the business. If your business practices are poor, they will make you a lesser doctor. They can impact and hinder and harm your patient care. So I said, I want to have the best patient care ever. I’m going to master these business processes and I’m going to teach them to others.

And where we all have patients that come to us and say, Dr. Rich, I love you so much. This was great. I look great at my wedding photos, my grandson got married and I look so good. And getting into a new relationship or getting to a new job. We all have patients that love us and give us nice testimonials.

Well, now we have doctors that come to us and say, Man, my revenue is up 40%. Right? And we we show them what we’re doing. They’re like, wait a minute, this doesn’t sound right that you brought in 4.7 million in cosmetic revenue. Hey, I’ve been bringing in over 3 million in cosmetic revenue for years now. Now, yes, we hit 4.7.

Would you like to know how we do it? So I do it because it’s fun. It’s enjoyable. It’s not work. I’m already retired. I just do it. I get to what I love to do. So that being said, you know, it’s not about the money. It’s about serving and creating value and the money comes. I mean, we need money to build this business model, right?

Doctors pay thousands and thousands of dollars to learn from what we do, but it’s the best investment they ever make because most doctors offices are very capable of bringing in a million, 2 million in revenue, 3 million in revenue and more per provider if they have good business processes. So we put that through with practice profitability. We’re doing our CME events, we’ve done three of those people come from all across the country, fly out, bring their teams, they close their offices, bring their team to come to our training, and then we have our online coaching and mentoring program.

Like I said, I did my group coaching call beginning of the Month and our doctor who, whether they’re one or two staff in their team or they’ve got 15 or 20 staff, like what we do all sizes can benefit from good business practices and we just put them together step by step, paint by the numbers, connect the dots to make it work for the not just the doctors to understand, but to train your team.

As you know, I’m preaching to the choir now, Mara, And even if they do, they don’t do it enough or they don’t have good content. So that’s where Practice Profitability focuses.

Mara Shorr

And we always I know that there’s a lot of I wouldn’t even say overlap in what we do. We work together. We have a lot of shared clients and we have clients of ours that are also part of Practice Profitability and they really they take advantage of all of this knowledge and they absorb it and they use it.

Mara Shorr

And so it’s a matter of having that, that mentality that you want to grow and you want to do really great things and that it’s that dedication to and they get a lot of the group coaching and they get a lot of that daily from you and from practice profitability and then they come to us and get that one on one.

And so we work with them specifically about, okay, so you are putting these things into place. How is that going? And they say, well, it’s going so-so, but I say, okay, let’s look at why. And they go, Oh, that’s right. We we look at this together and we look at a lot of things on the financial side that you don’t necessarily work with.

So we’ll work with them on financials, we’ll work with them on marketing. We’ll drill down specifically. But seeing, I would say, our practices that are working in Practice Profitability MD and with Shorr Solutions, we’ve seen such growth. It’s something we are proud to share clients with you, for sure.

Rich Castellano

Oh, absolutely. You know, just like what we do in these business practices, teaching doctors how to be successful it’s the same as it is in plastic surgery. This is the most important thing I’m going to say in this whole podcast is as a plastic surgeon, aesthetic provider, aesthetic medicine doctor, whatever your practice is, there are way too many patients out there and you cannot even handle them.

I promise you, you cannot handle the demand. The challenge is, are you connecting with them, marketing to them and sharing your value? If people knew your true value, they would come. The problem is they don’t know. That’s why it’s our obligation, responsibility to put out good quality, to do the marketing, and they will come. Now, when you have that mindset, there’s overlap in plastic surgeon and aesthetic providers.

There’s overlap in what Practice Profitability MD does and Shorr Solutions. But there’s so many doctors out there who need this stuff, it doesn’t even matter. Like we’re just trying to get the this out to the the businesses. They’re starving for this information. Some of them, they don’t even know how good it can. I know they have no clue. And they’re thinking, well, I’m doing fine.

Yeah, you’re doing fine. Would you like to do twice as better, you know, twice as much revenue. Would you like to get more patient reviews? Would you like to take more time off, spend time with your family, be more efficient? So no matter how much overlap there is, there is so much profound need. We just need to keep giving and doing and taking care of these doctors and it’ll keep growing.

Now that things are going virtually, we’ll be able to connect with people much more easily. They don’t have to travel out. We’ve got a lot more virtual platforms coming up. We’ll have more webinars. We will be releasing our next products here in the next few months, and it’s an honor to work with Shorr Solutions because yeah, you can do online and virtual and then you’re going to need some one on one.

How do you know if you need one on one? Here’s how you know, you ask yourself how good of a result do you want If you want the best results, the answer is clear. You need to have someone one on one. You need to call Shorr Solutions, whatever you use. I mean, definitely I use Shorr Solutions.

They were great for me that helped us out. We were in a very difficult spot, made a big difference. So I’m believers. You need one on one If you want the best results. Sure. A lot of doctors will say, well, let me DIY and that’s fine. They’re smart people. They can figure it out. But you’re learning curve takes so long. Time is money.

Your business is actively losing business and leads and revenue right now. The sooner you do it, the sooner you can start to recoup those losses. So they need programs, they need online training, they need to invest in themselves. This is no different than their medical training, where they spent years learning their craft and working with mentors in their field.

Well, you’ve done. All that. And if you haven’t done that for business, you’re deficient. You can’t go be an anesthesiologist unless you do this. Four years of training, you don’t go try to do anesthesia with a couple months of training. We don’t do that, but we do that with business.

Mara Shorr

I couldn’t ask for a better testimonial and a better pitch there, but I just adore you and I think you can’t help but feel great about yourself when you’re when you’re speaking to you. One of the you know, as we near the end…

Rich Castellano

So many things that feel great about Mara.

Mara Shorr

Oh, but I love that! I’m just going to call you in the middle of the day and say, Give me two things and then I’m going to hop off the phone. And then…

Rich Castellano

Mara!, Mara! you got to go, go, go, go, go.

Mara Shorr

I love it. I’m doing a little dance. You can’t see it.

Rich Castellano


00:52:19:14  01:01:59:19

Mara Shorr

So as we near the end of the podcast, I always ask three questions of every guest and you’re able to answer them in any order that you like. What is one thing you learned along the way that you want to make sure you share? And I know you shared so many great tidbits, but what is one thing you learned along the way that maybe you didn’t share already?

The next question is what would you do differently in your career if you had to do it over again? And then the third is either personally or professionally. What are you most proud of?

Rich Castellano

So yeah, I said it before. It’s worth saying again, there is way too many patients. There are way too many patients out there. You can’t handle it. You can build your business as big as you want to. You just have to do the work, seek out the experts, put the work in, do the planning, train your team.

And if you do those things, it’s all there. And if I had that confidence knowing I’m all it’s all going to work out. I’ll figure it out. You’ll have your bumps in the road. And there are I spent too many years worrying there’s not enough patients. Oh, this doctor did this procedure. That means I didn’t get to do mine.

No, there’s tons of them. And there’s more people that are going to do it. The world is too big, so just know it’s all out there. The only limiting factor is have you developed your business? Have you have you developed your marketing? Have you developed your patient education? Have you developed your skills to deliver those services? Because the moment that you do, then you’re untouchable.

No one can no one can take that away from you. And so that process, one thing I learned.

Mara Shorr

You know, and I think to having a good that even a good having a great colleague that you can also bounce some of those ideas off of you. And I have done that over the years as well where it’s, Hey, Dr. Rich, this is what we’re thinking. If I were to bounce this off of you, what would your thought be on the client perspective?

Or you’ve called and said, Hey, we’re thinking about launching this product, this is what we’re going with. We to use you as a bit of a guinea pig. What would you say to what do you think your clients would say to this? And we we test out sales strategies together. We look at marketing messaging together, we look at what the product might look like together.

And even if it’s not something we develop together, but to have colleagues that you know and trust that aren’t your competition but their colleagues and how can you do that together, I think that’s a great way to know because there’s more than enough business out there. So what would you do differently in your career if you had to do it all over again?

What’s one thing you may have done a little differently?

Rich Castellano

I’m so proud of my career and we’ve had our ups and downs and certainly it was awful to go through the you know, to go through near bankruptcy and turnover of staff and people you love and care about. So what I would have done differently, you know, there’s no shortcuts and I certainly would have sought more expert opinion and assistance earlier.

And you just you just have to do it. You just have to do it. So what I would do differently, get the experts in there. I would enjoy the process more. I would smile more because the more I enjoyed it, the faster my results were. All right. People love being around other people. You build their team. So I would do I would get the experts involved as soon as possible, enjoy the process and get it all on video and share it out with as many people as possible.

That’s I would do that whole process, my own reality, life, putting it out there because it’s special and it’s beautiful. And you may think you don’t have something to share, but you’ve got a lot to share. So that’s what I would do differently. I would put it out there, great energy. That’s what I would do differently and what am I most proud of in all of this?

I’m most proud of my amazing family, and they are just never a dull moment in my house. And it’s of course we have our ups and downs, too, but I’ve got a 17 year old daughter. My boys are 14 and 12. My wife is amazing, truly the woman of my dreams and we have a lot of things to be grateful for.

So that drives me. That keeps me going. And my my office now and they’re my family. I’m proud of my team that I feel so much love in my office every day, truly every day. And then my patients feel the same. And I’m so proud of my patients, the courage they have. They’ve lived their lives, gone through unspeakable things.

Right. And now they’re taking care of themselves and they still have a lot more to give. So I’m proud of all of it. I mean, it’s just it’s it’s an honor to be here. I’m proud of Mara and Jay, and I’m just happy to be here.

Mara Shorr

I love that, you know, and I can relate so much to what you say, Dr. Rich, when it comes to the relationship side, is that we really you know, I am so proud of Shorr like… the Shorr Solutions are on our consulting side. Obviously not that not I’m not talking about the podcast. I but on the consulting side, I’m so proud of the team that we built.

And because we really we have a few…

Rich Castellano

You guys have a great team!

Mara Shorr

We do. And you know, people, they come, they stay and we have I say we’re a team but we are also a family. We joke all the time that Jay is the company dad. So he is oh, gosh, he’s about 30 years older than the rest of us, but he is he is the company dad for all of us. And we all we cheer each other on.

You know, our podcast editor and marketing assistant, Serena Velez. Serena also has a music career. And whenever she releases a new song, you know, I watch just I take a step back and I watch as our entire team sings her praises and we’ll post selfies as they’re listening to her new song or her new album on Spotify, and they’re sharing it with their friends.

Or when somebody has a loss the way that everybody on the team reaches out and we support each other in good times and bad times and birthdays and with people’s kids. And I think it’s something that you can’t fake, you know, when you have a good team that that acts like a family, you can’t fake that. And in that they work really hard not just for the paycheck, but for our clients too.

And our clients are like our family, just like you. You know, you brought it back to your patients are like you’re, you know, an extension of the family and you watch as they go through good times and bad times. And I watch that with our clients, too. And we become friends and family members with our clients as well because we know so much about them.

And so it’s it’s special. It’s special to really value all those relationships.

Rich Castellano

I heard this quote recently, this quote, it said, can’t unconditionally love anyone unless you unconditionally love everyone.

Mara Shorr

Oh, I like that.

Rich Castellano

And there’s some people that I may not necessarily feel like I want to unconditionally love them. But if you allow yourself to go there, it is truly amazing what happens in our hearts when they open up. And through this time with COVID, we’ve gotten so close to our team in sharing things, doing funny hat day, bring your pet to work Day.

What are you doing to cope through COVID? All of these things has brought our team together more closely. So for those of you who are listening, as we wrap things up, you know, download our COVID checklist, connect with your team, build your team, it’s and It’s just such an honor to connect and work with you.

Mara, we still got a lot more work to do. We’re just having so much fun doing it, creating all this value for doctors and their patients.

Mara Shorr

I love It. I think we love what we do. So I hope it shows. I really I think it does. I think it certainly does.

Rich Castellano

No doubt It shows! You can’t hide it.

Mara Shorr

You can’t.

Rich Castellano

You cannot hide it!

Mara Shorr

You can’t. So, Dr. Rich, I know you gave the website, but if somebody wants to contact you either on I guess on in either side, so if they either want to contact you on the patient side or if they want to contact you on the medical practice side, can you give everybody the different ways, whether that is social media, website, email any way?

How would you like people to be able to find you and contact you?

Rich Castellano

Yeah, you can go to and see our information there. If you’re on Facebook, go to We get millions of views there. And if you’re a doctor, you guys should definitely emulate what we do with our patients and things that we put out for engagement. And then if you’re a doctor who wants to grow your practice, download our checklist.

You can email us at that’s We love to share what we do in our practice. Happy to help you in any way. We work very well with Shorr Solutions clients. A lot of our doctors work with Shorr Solutions, a lot of Shorr Solutions doctors come work with us because the bottom line is, as most practices need more help than they need a lot of help, and we we provide it from many different aspects and we get results.

So whether you’re a doctor or a patient, follow us. Love to talk to you. Excited to be a part of this all in our disclaimer, Mara, we do have a disclaimer for all of this that we can not be held responsible for any behavior.

Patients engage in when they’re smiling and laughing, having more fun in the same thing with doctors, those doctors that are smiling and building their practices, making more money, making happy patients. We just can’t be responsible for that. We just want to warn you in advance that big things are coming.

Mara Shorr

Can’t be responsible for those cheeks that hurt from too much smiling, right? You just can’t right now.

Rich Castellano

Don’t pull a smile muscle.

Mara Shorr

Yeah, don’t. Don’t blame it on you. That’s for sure. Thank you so much, Dr. Rich.

Rich Castellano

So it was a pleasure. And any time. Mara!

Mara Shorr

Oh, I’m so thankful!

Rich Castellano

Whatever Mara needs Mara gets!

01:02:01:11 – 01:03:06:16

So with that, we are wrapping up today’s episode of Shorr Solutions: The Podcast. I want to remind everybody that this episode is being recorded in mid April, so as we are discussing things that relate to COVID. There are things that really are current as of mid-April. So if you’re listening to this episode after and things have changed slightly, always just want people to keep that in mind.

But we are wrapping up today’s episode of Shorr Solutions: The Podcast. We hope that you’ve gotten as much out of this episode as we have, and if you have, I’d love for you to like it, rate us and share this episode with your friends, colleagues and the rest of your team. You hear that? I said team, If you aren’t yet on our e-newsletter list, now’s the time to join at and click on the e-newsletter button in the top right hand corner.

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