What Should I Include in My Practice’s Onboarding Checklist?

We created this helpful onboarding checklist to help you with a very important process in your practice: the onboarding of a new employee! Properly onboarding an employee can prevent confusion and complications that occur down the line due to not properly managing the process.

Here is an employee onboarding checklist to help you cross off all the important and necessary items:

Manager’s Checklist (Before Day 1):

  • Send Employee Agreement containing the following, and make sure these are received prior to the employee’s start date:
    • NDA and non-compete statements
    • Work for hire explanation
    • Job description and compensation details
  • Obtain I-9 Employee Verification Form (Form I-9)
  • Obtain W-4 (Form W-4)
  • Obtain Employee’s Social Security Number (and hold on record)
  • Send a welcome email to the new hire that includes:
    • Start date, time, and location
    • Dress code specifications
    • Information on parking and where to meet
    • A list of items to bring on day 1 (ID cards, direct deposit information, etc.)
  • Plan first assignments and expectations
  • Send new hire any relevant documents/forms necessary for Day 1
  • Plan employee onboarding schedule 30/60/90 day goals
  • Set up regular check-ins (weekly, monthly)
  • Prepare work area and supplies
  • Set up hardware, software subscriptions, email, etc. necessary for the job

Day 1/Week 1 Checklist:

  • Obtain direct deposit information
  • Give the new team member an office tour
  • Provide appropriate keys, codes, and access tools
  • Obtain copies of licenses, degrees & certificates
  • Obtain Independent Contractor Agreement (if applicable)
  • Review first day/first week expectations
  • Review employee handbook and obtain signed agreement (employee agrees and understands policies)
  • Introductory period agreement (probationary period agreements)
  • Review compensation & compensation agreement (individual employee pay is confidential)
  • Review bonus tiers, commissions, & hourly pay
  • Review payroll procedure & pay schedule
  • Review time off: family leave, sick days, & vacation time
  • Review benefits
  • Provide employee name tag
  • Provide branded scrubs
  • Provide orientation & training for all key areas in the job description. This should also include reception, phone skills, sales process, and sitting in on treatments

We hope this checklist provides organization and guidance for your onboarding process as the practice owner or administrator. Feel free to add any items you feel are necessary and personalize the items to your practice’s operations.

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