The Power of Effective Policies, Procedures and Protocols in Your Aesthetic Practice


Are you looking to optimize the operations of your aesthetic practice and drive more success? Do you want to ensure coordination amongst your team members, increased productivity and efficiency, compliance with regulations and reduced institutional risk? Well, we have good news! Effective policies, procedures and protocols (PPP) will play a pivotal role in achieving your goals and we will teach you how to successfully create and implement them in your aesthetic practice.

In this blog post, we delve into the world of aesthetic practice management and explore the significance of clear, concise and consistent (CCC) policies, protocols and procedures. Additionally, we will explore the six-part process of crafting policies, provide an illustrative example and offer valuable insights for crafting protocols and procedures that yield your desired outcomes.

What Are Policies, Procedures and Protocols?

In our decades of first-hand, industry practice management experience, we have coined the acronym PPP which stands for Policies, Procedures and Protocols. Prior to exploring examples and strategies for crafting PPP, let us establish a clear understanding of each term:

Policies: Policies are essential legal guidelines, code of ethics, principles and/or values that evolve with your aesthetic practice over time. They guide decisions for your organization and mandate specific conduct to enhance your practice’s mission, ensure compliance with laws and regulations and promote operational efficiency while mitigating institutional risk.

Procedures: Procedures outline the step-by-step actions necessary to accomplish a particular task. They provide a roadmap for achieving desired outcomes in a structured manner. Think of procedures as the set of instructions or series of steps to follow for successful task completion.

Protocols: Protocols are very similar to procedures but are more problem-oriented decision making rules, instructions or standards based on best practices. They are tailored to specific situations and guide professionals on the most effective course of action.

By integrating well-defined policies, procedures and protocols into your aesthetic practice, you establish a solid foundation for success and ensure that everyone understands their roles, responsibilities and the best approach to accomplish tasks.

Example: Requesting Vacation Time

Let’s explore a practical example to illustrate the significance of policies and procedures. Consider the process of requesting vacation time (PTO) in an aesthetic practice.

A vacation policy sets the framework for the amount of PTO each employee is eligible to take. It may be determined based on factors such as time worked or employment status. The procedure, on the other hand, outlines the specific steps required for PTO approval. For instance, employees may need to submit a written request to their supervisor or manager for review and approval.

By having a clear policy and well-defined procedure, employees know the amount of PTO they can expect and the necessary steps for approval. This ensures transparency, fairness and efficient management of vacation requests.

The 6-Part Process of Creating & Implementing Policies:

Problem Emergence: Policies are often developed in response to specific challenges or issues that arise within the practice. Identifying and understanding the problem is the first step toward developing appropriate solutions.

Agenda Setting: Setting an agenda involves establishing the priorities and goals of the policies you wish to implement. It ensures focus and clarity throughout the process.

Consideration of Policy Options: Explore different policy options and determine the most suitable approach for your practice. Consider factors such as legal requirements, industry best practices and the specific needs of your organization.

Decision Making: Once policy options are evaluated, decision making comes into play. Determine who will make the final decisions regarding policy implementation and ensure their involvement in the process.

Implementation: The implementation stage involves putting the policies into action by establishing procedures. Clear communication, training and support are vital to ensure successful implementation across the practice.

Evaluation: Regular evaluation allows you to assess the effectiveness of your policies. Identify areas of improvement, gather feedback from staff and make necessary adjustments to enhance their impact.

Key Principles for Effective Policies, Protocols and Procedures

Keep it Simple: Use plain language instead of complex legal jargon. Keep the content straightforward and easily understandable for everyone in your practice.

Make it Relevant: Ensure your policies, protocols and procedures align with the specific needs and functions of your aesthetic practice. Tailor them to address the unique challenges and goals your practice encounters.

Keep it General: Recognize that policies cannot anticipate every possible scenario. Instead, focus on creating guidelines that can be applied to a wide range of situations, providing flexibility while maintaining clarity.

Clearly Define Roles: Clearly state who within your practice is responsible for each aspect outlined in the policies, protocols and procedures. This ensures accountability and avoids confusion.

Check for Accuracy and Compliance:
Regularly review and update your policies, protocols and procedures to ensure they remain accurate, relevant and compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

Ensure Enforceability: Avoid an overly authoritarian approach yet make sure your policies, procedures and protocols can be effectively enforced. Encourage buy-in and cooperation from staff members to ensure successful implementation and adherence.


In the world of aesthetic practice management, effective policies, procedures and protocols are essential for operational success. By implementing CCC (Clear, Concise and Consistent) guidelines, you promote compliance, reduce risk and enhance overall efficiency. Whether it’s streamlining vacation requests or addressing broader practice management concerns, a well-defined approach ensures a smooth and harmonious workflow.

Remember, crafting good policies, protocols and procedures is an ongoing process that requires periodic evaluation and adjustments. By embracing simplicity, relevance and clarity, you empower your practice with the tools necessary to thrive in a dynamic and ever-evolving industry.

As you embrace the power of well-defined PPP’s in your practice, you will be able to watch it flourish, benefiting both your team and your valued patients.

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