Mid-Level Providers: The New Competition

This blog post is inspired by “Competition from Mid-Level Providers,” an article by Jay Shorr, our CEO and Founder, published in the November/December 2023 issue of The Aesthetic Guide.

The ever-evolving field of aesthetic medicine is experiencing a substantial transformation due to the emergence of mid-level providers. Competition now extends beyond traditional boundaries, pitting physician-owned practices directly against external medical spas operated by non-physicians. This shift results from a proactive pursuit of market share in an industry where the concept of mid-level providers actively reshapes the traditional hierarchy.

The term “mid-level providers” might carry unintended connotations, but it refers to healthcare professionals with a defined scope of practice, distinct from physicians. Their distinction lies in the complexity of healthcare situations they handle, not the quality of care they provide. Despite this, a noteworthy industry shift has transpired as mid-level providers, often trained by product manufacturers, actively emerge as formidable competitors to physician-owned practices.

Mid-Level Providers’ Competitive Edge in Aesthetic Medicine

A key driver of this shift is the capacity of mid-level providers to deliver services at a lower cost. By significantly reducing overhead expenses such as rent, staffing, and utilities, they can competitively price aesthetic and cosmetic services. This reduction in cost has become a major impetus, drawing in price-conscious patients who are increasingly open to exploring alternative providers.

Likewise, the competition is further intensified by the utilization of platforms like Groupon and other shopper discounts. Thus, mid-level providers leverage these avenues to attract patients away from traditional practices. The impact of this trend is clearly reflected in the evolving dynamics of market share, challenging the status quo and compelling traditional practices to reassess their strategies.

Strategies for Remaining Competitive

In order to remain competitive in this evolving landscape, the key lies not in marketing oneself solely as a board-certified practitioner. The paradigm has shifted and the general public now views mid-level providers as equals. In this new era, a strong online presence, a well SEO-optimized website, authentic patient reviews and community relations play a pivotal role in attracting and retaining patients.

While these shifts may not be as relevant in surgical services, where board certification remains a crucial factor, aesthetic medicine providers must adapt to the changing dynamics. Embracing the power of social media and focusing on a comprehensive online strategy will be essential for those looking to thrive in this competitive environment. As the industry continues to evolve, the ability to adapt and innovate will determine the success of aesthetic practices in the years to come.

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