Maximize Your Aesthetic Practice Exit Strategy with Private Equity


The aesthetics industry has experienced remarkable growth, with an estimated worth of 15 to 20 billion dollars. With such rapid expansion, private equity firms have entered the scene, looking to consolidate this thriving industry through mergers and acquisitions. As an aesthetic practice owner, understanding the role of private equity firms and how they can be part of your exit strategy is crucial. In this blog post, you will discover how to maximize your aesthetic practice exit strategy with private equity. We’ll delve into what private equity firms are, what they do, how they operate and the benefits of considering them for your exit strategy.

What Are Private Equity Firms?

Private equity firms are investment entities that raise capital from diverse sources, including high-net-worth individuals, institutional investors and pension funds. These funds are utilized to acquire, invest in, or provide financing for businesses across various sectors. The aesthetics industry is currently experiencing significant enthusiasm surrounding mergers and acquisitions, with numerous practices being acquired by these entities.

Among these private equity firms is Alpha Aesthetics Partners, which has gained prominence in the aesthetics industry due to its capability to offer both financial resources and operational expertise while allowing practice owners to maintain autonomy in their practice. Collaborating with private equity firms empowers practice owners to secure the necessary capital for expansion, technology upgrades and strategic initiatives. Simultaneously, they can draw upon the firms’ extensive experience in scaling aesthetic businesses.

How Private Equity Firms Operate

Private equity firms like Alpha, acquire ownership of aesthetic practices, typically through asset purchases. This does not entail selling your practice entirely; instead, they acquire the practice’s assets and goodwill. The practice owner retains clinical autonomy, ensuring that medical decisions and patient care continue under their guidance.

The acquisition typically involves a combination of cash and equity. The cash component provides immediate capital, allowing practice owners to address immediate financial needs, such as debt elimination, facility improvements, or staff development. The equity component, often in the form of shares in the private equity firm or its affiliated platform, aligns the practice owner’s interests with the long-term success of the partnership.

Selecting the right private equity partner is a critical step in the process. John Wheeler, CEO of Alpha Aesthetics Partners, who was a recent guest at Shorr Solutions: The Podcast, emphasized the importance of partnering with a private equity firm that has a proven track record of success in the industry. Look for firms that align with your practice’s values, goals and growth strategies. Additionally, consider firms that offer a partnership model rather than a strict acquisition, as this approach encourages collaboration and mutual benefit.

For the remainder of this blog post, when we refer to private equity firms, we will be talking about those with a partnership model rather than those with a strict acquisition approach.

When Should You Consider Partnering with Private Equity Firms?

The timing of partnering with a private equity firm can significantly impact your exit strategy. Consider the following scenarios:

Financial Stability

Assess your practice’s financial health. If you’re consistently generating strong profits and have a stable patient base, you might be an attractive candidate for private equity partnership. These firms are often interested in practices with a proven track record of financial success.

Long-Term Commitment

Consider your time horizon. Private equity partnerships typically require a commitment of several years, often a decade or more. If you’re looking for a quick exit, this may not be the right path for you. However, if you’re willing to invest more time and effort for potentially significant returns down the road, private equity can be an excellent option.

Compounding Returns

Keep in mind that private equity investments offer the potential for compounding returns. As your practice’s value grows through multiple equity events, your initial investment can increase exponentially. If you have a long-term perspective, this compounding effect can lead to substantial financial rewards.

Therefore, if your practice consistently generates robust profits and you’re prepared to remain actively involved for at least another 10 to 12 years, this might be the ideal time for partnering with a private equity firm. Doing so can enable you to capitalize on equity events, where you have the opportunity to cash out a multiple of your initial investment and craft a meticulously planned exit strategy.

Benefits of Partnering with Private Equity Firms


When selecting a private equity partner for your aesthetic practice, there are several key benefits to keep in mind.

Unlocking Financial Stability

One of the foremost advantages of partnering with a private equity firm is the immediate access to capital it provides. This influx of funds can be instrumental in bolstering your practice’s financial stability. Whether you have aspirations for expansion, essential equipment upgrades, or a pressing need to eliminate debt, private equity firms can facilitate these financial maneuvers, giving your practice a solid financial foundation.

Leveraging Operational Expertise

Private equity firms like Alpha Aesthetics Partners bring to the table a wealth of experience and expertise in practice operations, marketing and management. This valuable insight can be harnessed to optimize your practice’s efficiency and profitability. By implementing best practices, streamlining workflows and instilling operational excellence, you’ll position your practice for sustained growth and success.

Exploring New Growth Opportunities

The partnership with a private equity firm opens the doors to a broader network and a world of potential growth opportunities. This could encompass venturing into new markets, exploring strategic acquisitions, or forging partnerships that fuel your practice’s expansion. By leveraging the resources and connections of your private equity partner, you can navigate new avenues for practice growth.

Participating in Equity Events

There are three stages for private equity firms: early stage, middle stage and mature stage. The advantage of partnering with early-stage private equity firms is the opportunity to participate in multiple equity events. These equity events might occur after several years when the early-stage private equity firms sell to the middle stage. Let’s use an example to illustrate this process. An early-stage private equity firm acquires a practice worth $2 million dollars in EBITDA. They grow it to a value of $30 to $40 million in profit. Then, they sell it to a middle-stage private equity firm. Their goal is to multiply their investors’ money, their own money and their partners’ money three to seven times.

Thus, if you were to start day 1 with 1 million dollars in shares and participate in a first equity event, 3 to 4 years later, multiplying this investment by 4, you would have 4 million dollars in shares. Then, several years down the road, let’s say that you participate in another equity event that also multiplies your money by 4. At this point, your initial investment will have grown from 1 to 16 million, showcasing the power of compounding returns.

These events, which occur every few years, provide a unique opportunity to turn your shares into liquid cash, potentially yielding anywhere from three to seven times the amount of your investment.

Retaining Clinical Autonomy

Perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of partnering with private equity firms is the ability to maintain clinical autonomy. Unlike a complete sale of your practice, this partnership allows you to retain control over clinical decisions and patient care. You can continue to focus on delivering high-quality medical services while simultaneously tapping into the operational support and financial resources offered by the private equity firm.

In summary, the partnership with a private equity firm brings an array of benefits that extend beyond just financial gains. It’s a strategic move that can fortify your practice’s financial stability, infuse operational expertise, open doors to growth opportunities, offer direct equity participation and preserve your clinical autonomy. These advantages make it a compelling choice for aesthetic practice owners looking to secure a prosperous future in a dynamic industry.


In conclusion, the aesthetics industry’s growth presents an opportunity for practice owners to strategically plan their exit strategies. By partnering with private equity firms such as Alpha, you can access the resources and financial stability needed for growth and ensure a successful transition while maintaining clinical autonomy. Explore these options, consider your goals and chart your path towards a rewarding exit strategy.

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