This week at Shorr Solutions, we’re collecting a round-up of our recently published articles. We lecture and speak on a variety of medical practice management topics. More so, aiding medical practices in the areas that trouble them most.

A few of our favorites this month, written by Jay Shorr:

10 Ways To Become A Better Leader.”  From innovation to communication, delegation to rewards, we discuss how to achieve a successful medical practice from the top down rather than the bottom up.

Marketing Tips

Are You Prepared For The Conversation Cascade?”  Knowing your practice’s ROI, or return on investment, isn’t just a guessing game.  Learn the exact mathematical formula to see how your marketing efforts are affecting your bottom line.

Practice Fundamentals: How To Deal With a Difficult Patient.”  Whether you find a solution or simply walk away, some patients will challenge your patience and your practice. here are some common scenarios and tips for dealing with them.