Hiring a new physician is an adventure. They can take on patients to lighten your load, help your medical practice grow and allow YOU the ability to bring more patients into your practice for you to see yourself.

But, we know that sometimes, having a great relationship with your practice’s new physician, nurse, physician assistant, aesthetician or surgeon is easier said than done.

Here’s the cure for that: click here to read this article from Jay and Mara Shorr, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Shorr Solutions in Dermascope: “What’s Your Recipe For A Successful Partnership With A Physician.”

But what happens when you and your physician part ways? Can they take the patients you worked so hard for? How can you prevent this from happening?

The key is to establish these terms from the beginning. Before hiring a new provider, a strong contract is a must, making sure to discuss the policies that will be in place when the time comes for either one of you to move on. Have these terms spelled out in their contract to ensure everything is set in stone.

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