As a surgeon, there’s a sense of pride in all the work you do. Your work is your art.  Even Picasso had a vision for his paintings, and he might have added an extra tweak at the end just to give it that wow effect.

However, when you take one of your patients outside of your office to an outside facility, everything is no longer just your call.

You’ve got to share the paintbrush.

Once that patient is in outside facility, they’re no longer just your patient. They are now the patient of that facility as well.

So, how do you deal with this?

Click here to read the Plastic Surgery Practice article, “Going Outside: Whose Patient is it Anyway When Work is Done at an Outside Facility?” authored by our founder and managing partner, Certified Aesthic Consultant Jay Shorr.  Learn how to manage the road bumps that may arise when working with outside facilities.

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