Your brand is everything. It’s the driving force behind your medical practice, medspa or spa,  and what clients buy into as part of who you are.

As time progresses, the vision you once had for your business may not be the same, and you may consider rebranding. (We sure did!  Up until mid-2017, Shorr Solutions was known as The Best Medical Business Solutions, with an entirely different name, logo and website!)  Whether it be a simple logo change or a complete makeover, rebranding is a major decision. So before changing signage and aesthetics, there are some serious issues to consider.

What are the benefits of rebranding? How long will rebranding take and what will that mean for your current clientele?

Click here to read more about what Mara Shorr and Jay Shorr have to say about rebranding and whether it’s time to take that next step, in their article in Dermascope Magazine, “Facelift for the Spa: How, Why and When a Spa Should Be Rebranded.”

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