When using the collaboration vs. competition concept, there are a few things to consider:

Make a note of your main competitors– As a business owner, it’s always good to be aware of your competitors so you can include the type of procedures they offer in they’re business as well. You can also learn how to set your price points, as well as gain more patients.

Consider how you can form relationships with each of the above business– Find out what other competitors know knowledge wise. Speak with them to learn if they know how different skin reacts overtime. This knowledge contributes to what kind of procedure you can refer your client to if they have no clue.

Working together on events and marketing – Consider what you knowledge you might gain from another business such as branding or a great audience. Events and marketing is how you are going to promote your business overall. Therefore, learning from other successful companies will help to put that pep in the business’ step.

Get creative when it comes your partnerships – Cobranding things with partnerships is a good way to build a relationship with them and the people they may know.

Make a deal to never step on each other’s toes if there’s any overlap in services – Should never steal patients away from a practice if you’re collaborating with them, otherwise they will not want to work with you anymore. This is not going to be good for business if this is how you are able to get patients in your door.

Look at how you can partner with additional influencers – Ask your patients about which practices you should partner with. Once you find this out, let them know how you could add value to their channels.

Consider creating your own channels – Creating your own channels can be very successful. When your doing some research, get some expert opinions. Also, do some research of your own from experienced channel makers.

Consider community sponsorships of local non-profit organizations – Consider sponsorships for what your patients like. This will make them like you even more and that may mean more business your way. Referrals will also become more likely.

Log n to like-minded social med groups– Networking with other social media groups can also contribute to your success. LinkedIn is a good place for this.

Click here to learn more from the Journal of Aesthetic nursing magazine “Collaboration vs. Competition”.