LinkedIn: Grow Your Presence in 5 Steps

Founder Jay Shorr has mastered the art of utilizing LinkedIn to continue developing relationships. It’s all come naturally as an educator. One of his favorite expressions is, “Knowledge should be shared.” Anyone who has ever heard him lecture knows that he is always happy to share whatever materials he has available to him.

We’ve used LinkedIn to meet conference organizers, share bits of wisdom, and the tool has even landed us new clients who have come to see him as an industry expert.

In addition, we’ve put together a basic 5-step starter guide to help you utilize LinkedIn.

#1- Build out your profile. First, build your profile. Include all relevant information, just as you would a resume. Past positions and bullet points, awards you’ve won, accreditations, information under “Interests,” your education, internships, and residencies. Include information under “Background” to whatever degree you’d like as well. Also, include specific areas in which you specialize as well. (If you need an example, take a look at my page:

#2- Connect with your professional contacts. This will continue to build your profile, and help with the next step.

#3- Ask those connections for recommendations. Once you’ve built a strong page, ask your contacts for recommendations through LinkedIn. Basically, allow others to brag for you. Use this as an easy reference page when people find you online, whether those people may be potential new employers or clients. Once you’ve done this, be sure to list a link to your LinkedIn profile in your e-signature, on your website, your e-newsletter, and other online marketing materials. 

#4- Connect with new contacts. Now that the people who you know and love have supported you online, it’s time to get together with others and connect. I would suggest two different types of groups: One for others in your industry nationwide and the other of your potential clients in your geographic region. There’s a wide variety, but there are better instructions on how to do that here:

#5- Posting to groups. For about a week or so, sit back and watch the feeds, looking at what the members in each of the groups do. Are they asking for advice? Are they posting about brag-worthy things? How often are they posting? I’d say no more than twice a week, but follow the lead of the others. As always, note that no medical advice should be given online, but let them know you’d be happy to offer a consult in your office.

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