Brand Awareness: 10 Ways Your Staff Can Bring Credential to Your Spa

Credentialing your spa will help you grow your practice and increase your chances for long-term success. The way you present and credential yourself is incredibly important, and it is imperative for your messaging to be strong and consistent in order to build brand awareness and name recognition within your community.

To take your branding and credentialing to the next level, read this article by our award-winning partners, Mara Shorr and Jay Shorr, and our Business Development Manager Rob Deters in DERMASCOPE Magazine, “10 Ways Your Staff Can Bring Credential to Your Spa.” The article was written in June 2020 and gives you the insight you need to improve your practice. Below we also summarize the 10 ways your staff can credential your practice to strengthen your brand awareness and keep clients coming back:

  1. Phone Conversations: The first impression is always key, which is why phone conversations are so important. Make sure to always highlight your spa’s strengths, give constant reassurance and emphasize the safety precautions are being taken, especially in today’s world.
  2. Decorating: A great way to decorate your spa is to post diplomas, certifications, trainings, and your mission statement on the walls of your lobby and hallways. Add a touch of personality by adding some fun group photos throughout your spa as well.
  3. Spreading The Message: Your staff has to embody the ideals and goals of your spa. Making sure that your staff lives your mission statement day in and day out will bring consistency, and reliability to your company. Spread your message with social media by posting accomplishments, trainings, and conferences you have attended and once again emphasize the safety precautions your practice is taking.
  4. Talk Up Providers: Whether it’s in the reception area, treatment rooms, or when checking out, take every opportunity you can to speak highly about the spa and the provider’s accomplishments.
  5. Workwear: Having a well-designed uniform is key in reinforcing your brand name. Having branded scrubs or professional clothing will only boost your brand awareness.
  6. Speaking From Experience: Give your staff the opportunity to experience your treatments. Having your staff go through the different treatments will allow them to speak from experience when talking to patients. It will be authentic and can also boost their morale.
  7. Reviews: Show off your positive reviews as often as you can, and make sure your staff presents them to the patients. This will help you gain credibility and make a great impression on new clients.
  8. Work Environment: Make sure your staff knows how important they are. Take the time to speak to them about how they are doing and ask them for their feedback. By taking the time to care for your staff, they will increase efficiency, decrease stress, and have pride in the practice they are working for.
  9. Network: In today’s world, networking brings your spa to a new level. Utilizing local networking groups to gain access to your community will only help you reach more demographics. This will boost your reputation and will allow the people of your community to speak to your work.
  10. Training: Training is a great way to keep your spa in tip-top shape. Providing your staff with the opportunity to continuously learn will improve client experience, reduce mistakes, and build confidence within your organization. Never say no to another opportunity to grow.

By using these 10 tools your spa will not only increase its brand awareness, but it will make your spa the best it can possibly be.

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