Credentialing The Doctor

I’m going to admit it: Earlier this month, Shorr Solutions made the same mistake that we see many of our clients make.

In just a few short weeks, I (Mara Shorr) will be awarded the 2013 Distinguished Young Alumni Award. Receiving the award will be held at my alma mater, Central Michigan University. We’re flying up to Mount Pleasant, Michigan. I will be given the honor at a dinner in front of my family, peers, and fellow alumni. In addition, the next day other winners and I will be announced on the football field. I couldn’t be more excited!

As I do with all written pieces, before hitting the “send” button I emailed my updated biography and work history to Jay Shorr. (In case you’re new to our blog, he’s also my father and business partner.) Although I thought I covered everything, I hadn’t. He alerted me that I had left out a few conferences in which I’d come to lecture this past year and even a certification I recently received.

(A separate note from the main theme of this blog post: it’s ALWAYS a good idea to have someone else review your written work before it’s published. You would be amazed at how imperfect your perfect piece really is!)

His response was the same advice we often give our clients:

“When you earn it and deserve it, it’s not bragging. It’s called credentialing. It’s what separates you from the rest and from being one and the same. No one will brag for you as your credentials do. They allow people to notice and understand that you go above and beyond what others do.”

With that being said, I’m offering three simple tips on easy, every day ways to credential yourself (or the doctor in your office):

  1. Tell your staff to tell everyone coming through your doors or calling your office how fantastic you are. While it may sound like you’re inflating your own ego, most potential new patients don’t know the difference between you and other physicians in your area. Tell your receptionist to tell them however it seems relevant. Include the most recent conference you attended, the course you taught, or even how they have experienced your nearly pain-free Botox injections.  What makes YOU stand out? Tell people.
  2. Post your certifications where everyone can see them. I once heard a website designer put it this way. When it comes to what you choose to incorporate onto the walls, your website serves as a second reception area and exam room. All of the certifications you have framed in those spaces should be scanned and put on your website. Additionally, your well-written biography can speak for you as well.
  3. Include your name and credentials on all of your marketing materials. Moreover, make sure you have a fantastic headshot and include that. While the name of your practice may be one you’ve carefully chosen, patients aren’t coming to (INSERT THE NAME HERE). They’re coming to see YOU. Make yourself part of the brand. Remember, this includes your advertising, e-newsletters, website, brochures, flyers, and even your email signature.

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