You’ve had your eye on the brand new injectable, microdermabrasion machine, laser or RF device.  Maybe you’ve saved long and hard, or maybe you’ve financed it (only after doing your research on early payoff penalties and interest rates, of course!)

Either way, you’ve introduced a brand new procedure to your office, and you’re ready for all your patients who’ve been asking about their laser hair removal treatments, microblading or fat reducing treatment to start making appointments.

But, have you decided on a price? We encourage you to evaluate a few separate things before randomly throwing out a dollar figure:

  • What is your cost of the treatment?
  • What is the cost of your supplies?
  • What is the average cost of the treatment in your geographic area?  In other words, what is the going rate for that particular procedure in your city?
  • Do you already have the patient base for the procedure?
  • Do you already have the staff members to perform the procedure?
  • … and many more things to consider!

We’re happy to help guide you on how to incorporate your new piece of technology into your practice.  Jay Shorr, Founder and Managing Partner of Shorr Solutions, has the solution!  With his years of experience, he shares the main components to take into consideration when pricing out your procedure.

Click here to read his article in Plastic Surgery Practice: The Price is Right to learn his tips to make sure you correctly price out your newest procedure.

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