Let’s face it, maintaining a positive attitude is essential in any line of work. It’s the difference between having a wonderful day and terrible day. Therefore, when your staff member isn’t having a good day, NOBODY is having a good day.

Moreover, has your receptionist seemed grumpy lately? Are they not the same cheerful employee they once were? Do you ever wonder how they answer the phone when you’re not around? Say no more.

Our partner, Mara Shorr, VP of Marketing and Business Development, shares her sense on how to make every day productive and maintain a positive attitude. From decluttering junk drawers to answering emails, Mara’s got the answers.

Click here to learn more of her helpful tips in the Winter Park Maitland Observer, “Stay Positive, Stay Productive.”

Every minute in the day counts. Make the most of it! Ensure that all patients receive the best service, it is an essential part of maintaining your business. All potential callers are patients and it’s a one time shot of converting them. We’re here to help.

Correspondingly, our Mystery Caller Packages  can help transform your staff from drab to fab. We offer 3-month, 6 month, and year long packages for quality control! Every month we offer training on each of the issues that arise from each call to maintain the most effective training possible.

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